Zombies were normal humans whose nanites had been activated after being touched by Peter Meechum. EVOs themselves could also be put into this state.[1]


Zombies, as Rex so elegantly dubbed them, are people who had the dormant nanites in their bodies activated by the EVO Peter Meechum and as a result placing their bodies, though not their minds, under his control. Shortly after Peter's daughter, Sarah Meechum was kidnapped by Van Kleiss and The Pack. The group of EVOs used the young girl to blackmail Peter into using his abillity to raise a army and use it to convert Rex into another Zombie.

In 8 hours Peter had managed to convert over 11 million people into Zombies and despite Providence's best efforts continued unopposed. A team of Providence agents consisting of Agent Six, Rex, and Bobo Haha was sent into contain the situation. With his daughter's life on the line Peter refuses to be cured and his forces prove too over whelming to trap in the subway.

Finally Providence made it's last stand on the Brooklyn bridge where they intended to kill Peter and his army by blowing them up with a Bleach bomb. Rex is able to convince Peter to let him cure him by promising to save his daughter and by doing so all of Peter's victims are returned to normal and the bomb disarmed before it can blow.[1]


Season One


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