Xanubian Profile

Xanubian EVO

Vital statistics
Name Xanubian
Species Human
Base of operations Consortium base
Affiliation(s) Consortium
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Bald
Eye color Black
Abilities  ·Time manupilation
Allies Anthony Haden-Scott, Reddick, Roswell, Vostok
Enemies Rex, Doctor Holiday, Agent Six, Van Kleiss, Caesar, Meechum
Further info
First appearance "Target: Consortium"
Last appearance "Endgame, Part 2"
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Xanubian is a member of the Consortium. He works in the arms dealing and shipping industry.


He attended a meeting that Black Knight had held with the Consortium. He listened in on most of the discussion, not stating any thoughts on the ideas. Later, the base was infiltrated and attacked by Rex, Six, and Jungle Cat. A large tremor occurred and he was the first to evacuate to save his own life.[1]

After Rex was captured along with all the Meta-Nanites, he became infused with a Meta-Nanite that granted him the special ability to control time and space. He battled Rex along with the Consortium. Due to Providence's interference, Rex had time to flee.[2]

Xanubian, along with the Consortium, began to dominate the city since their power was on a new level. He committed disastrous crimes such as robbing money from bank safes. Along with the group, he defeated Rex easily once again when he confronted them for another battle. Just as they defeated Rex, they all attempted to gain control of all Meta-Nanites once more.[3]


320-EVO Xanubian's powers

Xanubian uses his powers to teleport through space-time.

After being merged with a Meta-Nanite, Xanubian gained great control over time. He was shown to be extremely strong and fast, dodging punches from Rex with lightning speed (causing time to go back by a few seconds so he would know it was coming). Using a combination of this, he was able to rapidly punch through Rex's Smack Hands. He can also teleport small distances and rewind time. It is not shown how much time he can rewind as he only rewound it once by a few seconds. Another gained ability is, with the Consortium, the group can merge into one large robot combined with all of their powers and abilities.


Season Three


  • Despite his appearances, he has no lines.
  • Despite the fact that he has never spoken in any of his appearances, Roswell has often told him to "put a sock in it."


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