The Wrightson Hotel.

The Wrightson Hotel is an old abandoned hotel rumored to be haunted. Rex, Claire, Annie and Noah visited it once to go on a ghost hunt.


It's been told that no crew or moving crew would stay. Owners would just run out of the hotel and never speak of what they saw. Most people believed that the ghost of Wrightson still freely roamed the hotel. After the Nanite Event, paranormal activity supposedly increased.

Rex and Noah both went on double dates with Annie and Claire to the Wrightson Hotel. Believing that there was a ghost haunting it, the team went to experiment. Rex intended to use his technopathy to move objects in order to make the girls assume that there really was a ghost. When things got wilder, the team began to realize that there really was something strange going on.

Later, Rex was attacked by something that couldn't be seen with the naked eye, but could be felt. When touching it, Rex had a small chance to feel its nanites, revealing an EVO The team worked together and eventually captured it by using a mini-chiller. Rex cured it to reveal a small black cat.[1]


Season Two


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