White Knight
MR white knight
Vital statistics
Name White Knight
Base of operations Providence
Affiliation(s) Providence
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Light blond
Eye color Blue
Abilities  ·Skilled assassin
 ·Ability to control Providence monkeys
Weapons  ·Pistols
 ·Monkey army
Relatives Agent Six (partner)
Further info
First appearance M. Rex – Issue 1
Last appearance M. Rex – Issue 2
See also White Knight (Generator Rex counterpart)
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For information about White Knight's Generator Rex counterpart go to the White Knight article

White Knight was originally depicted in a 2-issue comic book series, titled M. Rex. He is a veteran agent serving the Providence[1].


For detailed White Knight's history move to plot paragraph of M. Rex article.


White Knight is a tall man with slicked-back blond hair. His right eye has been replaced with a mechanical prosthetic resembling a camera.[1].

Knight wears a white suit with a black turtleneck sweater. His sweater features the Providence emblem on the left side.[1]


White is a bold man wary of any machinery[1].


Agent Six

Although being partners, and knowing each other very well, White and Six have problems working with each other[1]. White views Six as a nuisance due to his constant excesses to prove his worth.[2]


White Knight views Rex as a freak of nature which has to be killed at sight.[2]

Abilities and Weapons

During the course of the series, he wields a pair of white pistols.[1]

White also has a control over Providence's monkeys.[1]


  • White hates blenders, after destroying one he stated that it looked at him funny[1] though given that Machines seem to be becoming increasingly sapient his paranoia may be justified.


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