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White Knight's office

White Knight's office.

White Knight's office is a nanite-free room at Providence Headquarters where White Knight works and lives. It was later remodeled for the likes of Black Knight when she assumed leadership of Providence. After White Knight regained back Providence from Black Knight, he presumably reclaimed his office.


White Knight's office is a large white room that contains seemingly nothing besides a chair, a desk, and a few touch screens via which he conducts the organization.[1] The office is connected to one of Providence's rooms from which various things like devices,[2] food[3] or even mail[4] can be transported to or from the office.

Other areas

Part of the office holds at least a vestibule[1] and a corridor leading to the main room.[1] It also contains an armory where White Knight's non-magnetic suits are kept.[5]


  • Some places of White's office are hooked into a very powerful magnetic field which, when turned on maximum, can rip nanites out of a person's body.[1]
  • The office has a biofield security system that contains a meta-nanite.[6]


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