The episode starts off with a Providence research ship riding the rough waves of the ocean. As water begins to spash in, the crew on the ship begin to panic and run.
Agent 01 [Shouting.] Forget that stuff! She's going down
Agent 02 What's happening?!
Agent 03 [Stops running.] Hurry! [continues running.]
The waves begin to worsen and the crew begin to board the lifeboats on the side of the ship.
Agent 03 Is everyone out?
Agent 01 Where's Hogdson?
It cuts to a scene in the ship where Hogdson is seen running through the corridor, however he bumps into the captain.
Captain Hogdson, get out, We're abandoning ship!
Hogdson Yeah, I got that from the annoying alarms. I have to shut down the reactor core. If it melts down, the entire region will be a dead zone.
Hogdson runs past the captain and enters a room. Fighting open the heavy door, he is pushed in by the force of the ship and is closed inside. Removing the radioactive rods from the reactor core, he is interrupted by a large noise on the side of the ship. Looking over, the dent becomes large and water makes it inside. An EVO's mouth with fangs and a long tongue appears and screeches.
Hogdson [Terrified.] This will not end well...
The creature backs out, allowing all of the water to wash in and flood the room. The opening theme plays.
It shows a scene of Rex playing in the back tub with a toy squid and submarine.
Rex [lifts the toys out of the water and plays.] We're breaking up! We ran out of power to the hall! It's working captain! [towel lands on head.]
Six Bath time's over. We have a mission.
Rex Oh yeah? Where to?
Six The middle of the pacific [walks away.]
Rex [Looks at toys and throws.] Excellente!
The Keep flies over the pacific ocean gyre meanwhile Doctor Holiday is inside working with other agents and authorizing the mission. Behind her, a large underwater ship is being readied for submersion, where Rex and Six are inside.
Rex This is going to be so great, Six! I have dreamed of being an undersea explorer for...I don't know, as long as I can remember!
Six You only remember the last eighteen months.
Rex [Confidently.] I dream fast. [Walks over.] Look, I don't know how many times my brain's been rebooted, but for now, I'm cramming it full of cool memories while I can. Exploring the ocean? that's major! Like...visiting another planet. [Takes out camera phone.] Smile! [Takes a picture of a serious Six.] Eh, close enough [Looks elsewhere and places phone away].
Holiday We're coming up on the drop coordinates, I'll link you to the exterior camera feed. [Links to camera, showing them all of the gyre.] Welcome to trash island.
Rex big is that thing?!
Holiday About twice the size of Texas. The same currents that formed it have swept up every nanite in the north pacific. Who knows how many EVOs are down there.
Rex Sea monsters! What every explorer dreams of.
Holiday Something sunk that ship, yet didn't harm the crew.
Rex Bonus. A sea monster with a conscience.
Holiday With intelligence. Don't let your guard down, we can't communicate once you've submerged.
Six How long do we have?
Holiday Depends on the conditions of the reactor core [Switches screen to blueprint of the ship]. If the rods are cracked they could already be leaking radioactivity. But if the core melts down, its radioactive steam could travel to the mainland.
Rex Yeah! If it doesn't blow up first.
Holiday No danger of that. But you'll never need a nightlight again. Bring me back a souvenir.
The bottom hatch slides open to prepare the ships submersion.
Rex Whoa, that's worse than the bottom of my closet [looks over at Six.] And we're diving into that?
Six Just hold your nose.
Six pulls the lever and the ship is released. Diving through the air, the ship reaches closer and closer to the water. Rex is startled at first, but begins to cheer in excitement as if he were on an amusement ride. The ship enters the sea and they drive deeper into the sea. The deeper they go, the more trash they see, which amazes Rex.
Rex This. Is. Amazing.
Six The core was using the trash as a foundation material.
Rex You see trash? [Grabs steering wheel.] Guess it's all how you look at it--It's a city! I'm gonna say we are definitely not alone down here.
Six [Thinking.] Whoever constructed this now has the weapon potential of the reactor core, [looks at Rex.] and don't touch the controls. [Rex removes his hands off the steering wheel in disappointment.]
The ship passes a large area protected by a mysterious barrier that has sealed in air.
Rex [Exterior shot of the ship.] That window's alive, and there's air in there!
Six [Camera cuts to Six.] A city big enough to house an army and perfectly hidden. The research ship could've been taken down for getting too close.
Something on the side quietly watches the ship travel through the water and swims away.
Rex Well, I'm not seeing any army [radar begins beeping.]. So far, all I'm seeing is... [Looks at screen and looks back.] fish?
Three large fish EVOs appear and swim towards ship, beginning to swarm it.
Rex Incoming!
The fish EVOs swim in on the ship and crash into it
Six [Stumbles over.] I've lost steering. Take the controls. Try to outrun them!
Rex Oh! So now I get to. Awesome! [The ship shakes once more and Rex groans.] Less awesome!
Six [Reprograms torpedo on touch screen.] I just need a moment to reprogram a torpedo. [Rex continues outrunning the fish] Got it. Hold on.
The torpedo is launched through the back and it explodes, causing the EVO fish to flee away.
Rex Ooh! Ouch! [Six readjusts his tie.] Two the heads; twice the headache!
Six [Stands up] Suit up, we need to check the damage.
The scene switches over to Rex and Agent Six floating outside of the underwater ship that is parked by a nearby cave. Both are in their scuba diving suits.
Rex Did you really need the sunglasses?
Slowly, many little brightly glowing creatures swim around the both Agent Six and Rex, catching their attention
Rex Okay, maybe so!
Six One of the steering vanes is bent. We need to remove it.
A high whale call is heard and the little glowing creatures swim off. Agent Six swims out of the ship's entrance and braces himself.
Rex Whatever that sound is, it's really creeping me out.
Six Fish communicate with sonic waves. I suspect those are commands. [Out of the shadows in the distance, two Whale EVOs appear] there!
Rex Hey, you fix the sub [Swims off] I've got the chum. [Taunts] Come on, this way! Over here!
The large EVO's swim past the underwater ship and target Rex. Rex forms his Smack Hands and, due to the weight, is dragged down. He disassembles his builds once he lands on a large edge.
Rex [Looks at hands] Uhh? This may be a problem. [Looks up]
Rex looks up to see the whale EVO's chasing after him. Just as the whales are about to collide with him, he jumps off meanwhile forming his Punk Busters to be quickly dragged to the bottom. He reaches a wall, and leaps off, avoiding another attack from the EVOs.
Rex Come on! Come on! A little further! A little further!
He reaches another ledge, and pushes off to evade another bite by the EVOs. As he reaches higher, he begins to slow down.
Rex [Anxiously] No! No! No! [Calmly] Okay, new strategy.
Rex swims backward, dodging one of the EVOs. He forms his blast caster and wraps it around the whale's fin, getting pulled along with it.
Rex Yes! [The EVO turns and continues to swim downward] Oh no, not down! Bad fish! Bad!
Cut to Six, who is still fixing the underwater ship. Two whale EVO's appear behind him, and he turns around, arming himself with his sword. He looks down and spots Rex propelling towards him with the help of his boogie pack. Just as Rex passes by, Six jumps on Rex's back to escape.
Rex Finally found something that works underwater!
[While propelling through the water Rex and Six hear a roar from behind them]
Six [Turning around] Hostiles on our nine!
As the whales inch closer to them, Rex swims past large stalactite. Six, using his swords, slice through the stalactite, causing them to topple on the whales behind them. Camera cuts to a humanoid figure watching them from shadows. The figure begins making noises to communicate with fishes.
Rex [Distracted] Where is that coming from?
Six Rex!
Rex turns around and makes an abrupt stop in front of a large squid EVO with a figure mounted on it
Rex I'm going to say the squeaks are coming from him.
The camera shows the squid EVO's fangs coming in closer to the camera until it eventually fades to black. Rex, along with Six, dodges the tentacles of the EVO and propels away.
Rex Hang on! [dodges the nearing tentacles and swims behind it] I don't know about you, but I'm craving me some fried calamari!
Six Closer. [Is taken in closer by Rex]
As Rex nears the rider on the squid, Six takes his opportunity to strike. However, the squid releases a thick cloud of ink. Getting out of the ink cloud, Rex and Six are once again being chased by the squid and its rider.
Six [Points to barrier fill with air] Keep your head down and take us in!
Rex So... ringing the doorbell is out of the question? [Rex forms his smack hands and punches through the barrier, entering with Six.] How is this better?
Six [Climbing out of water] Climb!
The barrier quickly seals back up, and Rex is surprised to see an organic habitat before his eyes. There are waterfalls, rocks, and flora of all different colors. Rex snaps a picture on his phone.
Six Impressive.
Rex This place is awesome!
Just before touching it, Rex pulls his arm away from a mysterious plant that grows taller towards him. He yelps in fright.
Rex You saw the EVO riding the squid right? Mister tall, dark, and mermaid-y?
Six looks at Rex and begins to hear some strange sounds similar to growls. Looking up, he sees red eyes glowing from a cave. Out of the cave, comes crustaceans EVO that walk on two legs. Eventually, Six and Rex are surrounded by them.
Rex Thinking I'll skip the melted butter joke. [Rex takes a closer look at the EVO's claw that has an eye. The eye blinks.] That claw just winked at me.
The EVO brings the claw closer and snaps it in his face.
Rex [Jumps back, frightened.] Hey!
Rex and Six hear a mysterious voice and look to where it's coming from.
Serge It's their natural instinct; to protect their territory...even to the death. [Jumps out of nearby waterfall.] We will not stand for anymore attacks; on Aquania.
Rex Aquania? Really? [Smirks.] Please tell me that name wasn't your idea.
Six [Walks in front of Rex.] We haven't attacked you, or your city.
Serge Liar! You fired torpedoes and entered this very room!
Six To escape your squid.
Rex [Looks at EVOs in the area.] Uhh, why don't we lighten up a bit? Less accusing, more amusing?
Six The fact remains. You attacked an innocent research ship!
Rex [Backs up besides Six.] So you did all this? [Looks at Serge.] How did you get coral to take orders?
Serge Innocents?! As soon as those "innocents" find something profitable, a hundred more ships come to drench and scrape out the ocean floor.
The growls of the EVOs nearby begin to grow much louder.
Rex Uh, guys! Guys! Sorta...freakin' out the kids here?
Serge After that, the drills arrive spitting out oil [Jumps down from higher edge.] and chomps everything under it! [Inches from Six's face.] Just leave us alone!
Serge backs away and the other EVOs begin to snap their claws in the air. An EVO reaches towards Rex and opens its claw, causing a slimy limb, with fangs, to emerge from the center. Rex shouts, and kicks the EVO back. The EVO is caught by its fellow comrades. Soon, they all surround Rex and Six.
Serge [Turns away.] Just following their natural instincts.
Rex forms his Rex ride build, causing the EVOs to all fall backwards. With Six on his back, he speeds off. Serge watches in shock. As Rex drives towards an exit, the exit begins to contract and get smaller.
Rex Get small!
While Six hunches, he and Rex successfully drive through the first exit, eventually making it through a second exit as well. As soon as they make it past the exit, Rex disassembles his build, tossing them both in midair. Rex and Six both powerfully stick the landing.
Rex [Stands up and lifts goggles.] What next?
A nearby plant with sharp spines quickly expands and throws Rex to the ground, piercing his shoulder in the process.
Rex [Groans.] Ask a stupid question...
Six equips a magna blade and slashes through the plants spines. Rex builds his punk busters and kicks the spines off. Jumping into the air, he crashes through the ground and lands with Six beside him. He deactivates his build, still having a large spine through his shoulder.
Rex [Holds shoulder and groans] I'm rethinking the undersea explorer career option. [Sighs and attempts to touch spine.]
Six Don't. Let me. [Removes spine.] There. Is the paralysis spreading?
Rex Gimme a sec. [Grabs arm.]
Close up of Rex's blood stream. The venom in Rex's body is neutralized by his nanites.
Rex Nanites took care of it...I think.
Six [Raises spine] This is from a scarlet cobra urchin. You're lucky Rex. This would've killed a normal person. [Walks off.]
Rex You know a little too much about things that can kill you, Six.
Six We need to find the reactor core. No telling what he plans to do with it.
Rex I doubt he even knows what he has. [Leans on large sac.] Sure, he's a little nutty. I mean, he came up with [Air quotes.] "Aquania". This place is more like a paradise than a military camp. I many extremists do you see running a nursery?
As Rex pushes off the purple colored sac, it grows larger and bursts. Out of it, falls baby EVOs resembling the crustaceans they saw earlier.
Rex [Falters back.] Yuck!
Six Please. Stop. Touching things.
The baby EVOs begin cooing and rolling around.
Rex Maybe they want their mommy?
The EVOs from earlier locate Six and Rex and surround them.
Rex I suppose one of them could be their mommy...
Six [Lowers blade in front of newborn EVOS.] Come. No. Further.
EVOs begin to back away.
Rex [To Six.] Um, what are you doing...?
Serge [Comes out from crowd of EVOs.] An example of why I keep the company of fishes [Points staff at Rex and Six.] instead of men.
Rex [Holds head.] Oh come on, guys! [brings out hands] Truce!
Six Rex!
Rex [Calmly.] Maybe that research ship looked like trouble to you, but they were just documenting the pollution to make people understand the harm their garbage does. But if you think you're the one getting the shaft...we'll listen. [Pauses and turns to Six.] Come on? What could it hurt?
Six lowers his sword. Cut to large pile of netted trash floating on the ocean. A large fish EVO brings it underwater and swims with it.
Serge After my change, I found I have a closer bond with these new species.
The fish brings the trash to Aquania.
Rex With what? Telepathy?
Serge No. I understand their natural instincts and use them to modify their behavior.
Serge reaches in a bag he's holding and tosses out a fish to feed to the other fish EVO. It successfully catches it in its mouth.
Rex [Snaps picture with cellular phone.] a fish whisperer!
Six [Walks behind Serge.] ...And modifying behavior includes sinking ships?
Serge [Turns head around.] The facts are clear! I build, [Fully turns.] you destroy.
Rex Hey, I know--introductions! This is Six! My name is Rex!
Serge Six? [leans in and smirks.] That's a machine's name.
Rex [Stands in between] I think we've established that not everyone is good at picking names. And you are?
Serge [Turns away] Serge.
Rex Now see? That's totally rad. Strong, powerful, like uh-like a tidal surge, right?
Serge It's my name...short for Sergio.
Rex Right. both ways.
Meanwhile, the crustacean EVOs carry the large pile of netted trash across the screen, cutting it to another scene in the process. The scene is another part of Aquania, showing waterfalls and large pools of water with long anemones rising out from it. They appear to be working with the other EVOs, eating the trash.
Serge There is much to do if the oceans aren't to be clean again. These anemones can process even oil and plastics into food that is circulated through the coral colony. The coral builds everything we need, even the mirrors that bring light—
A large tremor is suddenly felt.]
Rex Whoa! Sea quake!
Serge No! It is just a curse that you humans have set upon me. It became jammed in the lower spires and is now at the mercy of the currents.
The research ship is shown hanging from numerous chains near the bottom of Aquania.
Rex It's a research ship!
Serge The shaking will stop when the crab-men cut it free and drop it into the abyss.
Rex Yeah, bad idea! [Turns to Six.] See! He doesn't want a weapon, he has no idea what he has!
Serge [Angrily turns around, causing Rex to falter.] Weapon!? So your interest in my work was a lie!?
Six It's not a weapon, [Faces Serge.] but it will destroy your home.
Another large tremor.
Rex We're running out of time!
Six [To Serge.] Listen to me, the reactor inside that ship would be crushed. If it leaks, this whole stretch ocean will be unlivable.
Rex That's why we came, to get the thing out of here! [Serge scowls at Rex.] To protect the ocean--really! Go green! Yay!
Serge We'll inspect it together, if you're telling the truth--
Another tremor occurs, knocking Serge and Rex off balance. The stalactite within the ocean waters begin to crumble and fall to the ocean depths. Rex runs to the wall of Aquania's barrier and looks out into the ocean to see the chains, holding up the ship, break. Quickly, the ship sinks towards the bottom of the ocean.
Serge [Confronts Six.] YOU'VE POISONED US ALL!
Rex [Sprints past.] Anyone up for plan B?
Serge [Shocked.] We're over a deep-sea trench! Even I can't withstand the depths down there! [Runs after Rex.]
Rex Then we better hope I can.
The ship sinks into the trench and Rex dives into the water after it.
Serge The boy will be crushed before he reaches the ship, and that reactor will destroy Aquania.
Six Underestimating him will be your biggest mistake.
The camera pans into the water. Cut to Rex, who is using his mechanical fists to quickly sink him into the depths. He nears closer to the ship.
Six [off-screen, through communicator.] You're going to have to work fast, Rex. We don't know how much pressure you can take.
Rex Come on Six, you know I do my best work under pressure!
Rex triggers his mechanical fists to spin, propelling him faster through the water. Luckily, the large ship gets caught in between a trench, and Rex clings onto a nearby ladder. He pulls himself closer to an inside view of the ship.
Rex Some lights are still on.
Six [off-screen, through communicator.] That means the reactor is probably still okay.
Rex Yeah, but the ship is sliding into the trench!
Six [off-screen, through communicator.] When it starts breaking up, get out whether you have it or not!
Rex [Forms his blast caster.] Ignoring that part.
[Rex using his blast caster to grab hold of something and reels himself in. Rex swims through the ship and eventually surfaces from the inside.]
Six [off-screen, through communicator.] Radio updates as you make your way through the s-- [begins breaking up.]
Rex I can't hear you, must be the steel hall. Don't worry, I got it covered. [Rex reaches up and removes his scuba mouthpiece.] At least I hope I do.
Rex releases his mouthpiece and begins climbing a nearby ladder. As he makes his way up, the ship begins to loosen from the trench. The abrupt shake takes Rex by surprise, and he looses his grip. As he falls, his leg catches the ladder and hangs up upright. As he collides with the ladder, his oxygen pack falls into the water below.
Rex Great going, Rex. White Knight will probably take this out of your imaginary paycheck. And I sorta needed that to breathe.
Rex continues to climb the ladder and makes it to a corridor where he hears a loud noise. From both ends of the halls, strong waves of water rush towards him. Trying to escape through another passage, the water catches up with him and pushes him through the hall. He uses his mechanical smack hands to hold a nearby doorway. He peaks through the glass.
Rex Ah, there you are. [Sees the reactor cores on the other side of the door, which is completely filled with water.] Okay, this should be easy, except for the whole "no-air" thing.
Rex forms his mechanical big fat sword and pierces through the door. After a very deep inhale, he retracts his sword, and the water from the inside spills out, breaking the door in the process. Completely submerged underwater, Rex enters the room and surfaces.
Rex [Sarcastically.] Going great! [Fixes goggles.] Everything's cool! [Inhales, and goes back under. He reaches the reactor core and touches it before surfacing again.] Gotta learn to build myself a submarine. [Dives and comes back up coughing.] Okay, maybe I didn't think this through. [Swims back under and tries forming a built, but loses focus. He resurfaces.] Come on, Rex! Focus or you're gonna be fish food!
[Rex inhales once again and the moment he swims back down, he tries to resurface, but can't because all the area is entirely filled with water. Rex panics and begins to pound the walls. Suddenly, he is yanked by something, and a strange thing is placed around his head. Instantly, it supplies him with oxygen.]
Rex [Feels around head.] Whoa, that's trippy! I can breath! [Looks down to see him being rescued and carried away by Serge.] The radio active rods--We can't leave them, and I can't carry them all!
The ship begins to collapse, and with the help of his Squid EVO, Serge and Rex are safely maneuvered from the ships path. As they escape the ship, it's evident that Serge removed the radio active rods just in time. Cut to Aquania, Where Rex and a crustacean EVO are wrapping away the rods in seaweed while on top of a whale EVO.]
Rex Seaweed bubble wrap, a 100 percent natural and crab-man approved! [Raises hand.] Up top! [The EVO raises its open claw, but a tongue emerges and licks Rex's hand.] Eugh! [Pulls back hand.] Nevermind.
Rex runs off of the whale, meanwhile is swims to the bottom with the crustacean EVO to get rid of the rods.
Six [To Serge.] I understand what you're trying to do here. I see no reason to reveal Aquania to anyone for now. [Raises hand.] Forgive my suspicions.
Rex [Jumps on both Serges and Six's shoulders.] Ha! Aaand what else did we learn today--Serge? Six? Anyone? To see things from the other person's point of view [Pulls both in closer.]
Serge [To Six.] have more paralyzing urchin spines if you want them.
Rex Smile! [Takes picture.]
Cut to Rex phone, shuffling pictures of Aquania: Both Six and Serge standing beside each other, selfie of Rex and baby crustacean EVOs on his head, shoulder, etc, Rex next to an EVO big enough to only capture its eye, side profile of Serge, surprised Rex's head within the claw of an EVO, an EVO with his goggles, throwing a star fish at Six who is unaware and eventually reaching for the camera with Rex also in the photo.

While Rex and Six sit in their ship, prepared to go back to Providence, Rex looks down and smiles at his camera phone.

Six You realize if anyone saw those...?
Rex [Sigh.] I know... [Deletes all files.]
Rex [Looks over at Six.] Maybe we can come back and visit?
Six I rather not.
Rex I figured you'd say that. [A little crustacean EVO cries and appears from beside Rex. He picks it up.] It's for Holiday! She said to bring her back a souvenir.
Six [Furrows eyebrows. Cuts to ships driving off to the surface.] Just don't expect me to feed it.
Fades to credits.
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