Rex: This is going to be so great, Six. I've dreamed of being an undersea explorer for - I don't know, as long as I can remember.
Agent Six: You only remember the last 18 months.
Rex: I dream fast. Look, I don't know how many times my brain's been rebooted. Bur for now, I'm cramming it full of cool memories while I can. And exploring the ocean - that's major - like visiting another planet.

Rex: (after 2 sea creatures collide) OOO..Ouch. Two heads twice the headaches.

Rex: (as they're examining their subs damage) Did you really need the sunglasses. (Sea creatures suddenly light up) Okay, maybe so.

Serge: We will not stand for any more attack on Aquania!
Rex: "Aquania?" Really? Please tell me that name wasn't your idea.
Agent Six: We haven't attacked your city.

Agent Six:(to Rex) Don't! Let me. (pulls out the spike from Rex's shoulder) There. Is the paralysis spreading?
Rex: Give me a sec. Nanites took care of it... I think.
Agent Six: This is from a scarlet coral urchin. You were lucky Rex. It would have killed a normal person.
Rex: You know a little too much about the things that can kill you, Six.

Rex: (to Serge) Maybe that research ship looked like trouble to you, but they were just documenting the pollution to make people understand the harm their garbage does. But if you think you're the one getting the shaft, we'll listen. (to Six) Come on. What could it hurt?

Agent Six: And modifying behavior includes sinking ships?
Serge: The facts are clear. I build. You destroy!
Rex: Hey, I know, introductions. This is Six. My name is Rex.
Serge: Six? That's a machine's name.
Rex: I think we've established that no everyone's good at picking names.

Agent Six: You're going to have to work fast, Rex. We don't know how much pressure you can take.
Rex: Come on, Six. You know I work best under pressure.

Rex: (Rex loses Scuba tank is damaged) Great going, Rex. White Knight will probably take this out of your imaginary paycheck. And I sort of needed it to breathe.

Agent Six: (to Serge) I understand what you're trying to do here. I see no reason to reveal Aquannia to anyone for now. Forgive my suspicions.
Rex: (Coming between Six and Serge, hugging both of them) And what else did we learn? Serge? Six? Anyone? To see things from the other person's point of view.
(Rex leaves)
Serge: I do have more paralyzing urchin spines if you want them.

Rex: Maybe we can come back and visit?
Agent Six: I'd rather not.
Rex: I figured you'd say that. (Rex pulls out a baby sea E.V.O) It's for Holiday. She said to bring her back a souvenir.
Agent Six: Just don't expect me to feed it.
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