Waitress Profile
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown
Allies Rex Salazar , Oso Maretelo, Bobo Haha
Further info
First appearance "Outpost" (outpost)
Portrayed by: Grey DeLisle
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You are like the other Providence agents— Bad for business!

–The waitress after she kicks Rex out of her restaurant., "Outpost"

The waitress is a teenage girl who works at a bar in South America.[1]


She was first seen by Rex, who found her very attractive. When meeting Rex, she told him that he didn't look like the other agents that worked at Providence. Later, when Rex accidentally caused a fight in the bar, she kicked him out. She told him that she mistakenly judged him and said he was like the other Providence agents: "bad for business".

She reconciled with him at the end, thanking him for capturing the Chupacabra that happened to attack her grandmother's goat. She said that Providence would be getting her grandmother a new one, changing her views on Providence. In exchange, she gave Rex two pitchers of horchata anejo and a kiss on the cheek.[1]


Season Two


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