Violeta Salazar
Violeta Salazar Profile
Vital statistics
Name Violeta Salazar
Species Human
Base of operations Abysus
Affiliation(s) Nanite Project team
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Dark
Eye color Dark
Abilities Science intellect
Relatives Rafael Salazar(husband)
Caesar Salazar (older son)
Rex Salazar (younger son)
Allies Rafael Salazar, Rex Salazar, Caesar Salazar, Gabriel Rylander
Enemies Van Kleiss, Consortium
Further info
First appearance "Endgame, Part 2" (flashback)
Portrayed by: Grey DeLisle
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Violeta Salazar was the wife of Rafael and the mother of Caesar and Rex. She worked on the Nanite Project and died during the Nanite Event. Caesar described her as a source of safety, protection and care. According to Van Kleiss, she was a headstrong woman.[1]


Early life

Violeta was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She later fell in love and married a scientist named Rafael, eventually giving birth to their first born Caesar. Next, she gave birth to Rex in Switzerland.[2] Over the years, Violeta was hired by the Consortium to work on the Nanite Project with Rafael and Caesar. At some point, Rex had a hazardous accident, which caused Violeta and the others to inject him with nanites. Hoping they would save his life, Rex was healed but gained the abilities to build machines as a side effect. The Consortium was thrilled by the outcome, but wanted to use the nanites for personal gain. After learning of the Consortium's sinister plan; Violeta, Rafael, and Caesar decided to take part in the diversion of the Nanite Project. They blew up the nanites, causing the Nanite Event to take place.

Van Kleiss was responsible for Violeta's death, locking her and her husband inside the nanite reactor room by damaging the device's hatch.[3]


Since he could barely remember, Violeta invoked Rex's curiosity as to what she was like. Throughout his missions with Providence, he discovered more about her as he came closer to learning the history about nanites. He eventually found video recordings[4] and gained memories of her.[3]


Caesar built an artificial intelligence, Zag RS, to have a voice that resembled Violeta's. The reason behind it was to have a reminder of a nurturing mother.[1]


Season two

Season three


  • Her voice was first heard in the episode "Hermanos".


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