Van Kleiss takes pride in his gauntlet.

Van Kleiss' gauntlet is used to drain nanites from EVOs, giving Van Kleiss more power and enabling him to turn living organisms into EVOs.


Van Kleiss' gauntlet has the ability to extend long distances, which can be used for offensive and defensive purposes. It also gives Van Kleiss the ability to drain nanites from his victims, removing their EVO abilities and turning them to stone in the process.[1] His gauntlet can also recharge his own nanites.[2]

When Van Kleiss absorbed Rex's nanites, he gained the ability to turn people into EVOs.[3] When making one go EVO it leaves a hand print wherever the victim is touched and can make the nanites inside the infected host unstable.[3]

Along with the gauntlet's fingertips are five pointed spines that are similar to claws. Van Kleiss can shoot the small spines from the fingertips in order to attack his victims.[4] Another use is electrocuting, which he can use to shock his victims to excruciating measures.[5]


  • His gauntlet was cut off at one point, but it was later replaced.[1]
  • After Rex cured Van Kleiss, rather than his lower arm being bio-mechanical, his whole arm was.[6]
  • Van Kleiss' gauntlet was blown either off or apart when he attempted to take all the powers of the Meta-Nanites for himself.[7]


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