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Van Kleiss' castle
Abysus What Lies Beneath
Name Van Kleiss' castle
Location Abysus
Points of interest Nexus corridor, throne room, gardens
Inhabitants Van Kleiss
Visitors Rex Salazar, Bobo Haha, Noah Nixon, Agent Six, Doctor Holiday, Circe
First appearance "The Day That Everything Changed"

Van Kleiss' castle is Van Kleiss' base of operations in Abysus.[1]


Within Van Kleiss' castle the Nanite Project was held. The castle was heavily damaged by the explosion of the nanite tank.[1] The castle is currently in ruins, having been seized by Black Knight to capture all of its EVO inhabitants, including The Pack and Circe.[2]


Van Kleiss' castle was first shown when Van Kleiss ordered the kidnapping of Rex, dragging along Bobo and Noah in the process.[1]



The gardens are full of EVOs. that have been turned into stone by Van Kleiss draining them of their nanites.[1]

Throne room

The throne room is where Van Kleiss rests and grants audiences to his guests.[1]


Van Kleiss' laboratory

The laboratory.

The laboratory is a part of the castle where Van Kleiss works on his own inventions.[3] It has Van Kleiss' own nanite tank which was designed to revive Van Kleiss in case of his death.[3] It is most likely located in the dungeon.

Primary chamber

It is an underground level which survived the huge explosion of the nanite reactor. The place contains staff's personal labs and the Master Nanite containment room.[2]

Dr. Salazar's room

It is Rafael Salazar's personal lab and office. Rex used to hang out with his father there, and drew pictures of his full-fledged EVO form as a kid.[2]


  • The throne room in Van Kleiss' castle was the place of Van Kleiss' and Rex's first fight against each other.[1]
  • Van Kleiss' castle appears as a battlefield in Project Exonaut.


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