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Valentina: For the last time, we don't work for Van Kleiss. The Green Fist fights for E.V.O.s who can't fight for themselves. We set them free. Nothing more.
Bobo Haha: Heh. Just what we need - humans for the ethical treatment of E.V.O-s.
Valentina: (Screams) We were returning them to their natural habitat. What Providence does is wrong! And against the natural order of things. (to Rex) You're a traitor to your own kind!
Rex: That thing you set free, it's natural order is to exterminate mankind. It wanted to kill you. Your men are dying because of it.

Valentina: Listen, you need me, Providence man. I know that jungle better than anyone. Your big noisy party will alert that E.V.O. You won't get within a mile of it. My men are dying too. Let me free!
Oso: You think I'm just going to let you walk out of here alone?
Rex: No, I'm going too.

Valentina: There are things in this jungle stranger than E.V.O.-s - and older than man.
Rex: Well, as long as they stay here, we won't have anymore problems.
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