The Rebound Guy

After Clair broke up with Noah, she started dating Jamie. But after a while, Clair decided to break up with Jamie and go back to Noah. Feeling hurt and angry, Jamie 'barrows' Megas to get back at them. Can Rex, Noah, Clair, Coop, and Kiva stop Jamie before Megas ends up in the hands of the Glorft or worse yet, Black Knight?

Case of the Missing Holiday

When Dr. Holiday's and Beverly's uncle, Albert (aka Flesh) comes to visit, Dr. Holiday goes missing. Now, Rex, Flesh, Six, and a lot of people will go on a journey to find Dr. Holiday or they'll never see her again.

Persona Rex

Rex finds himself in Inaba to find a supposed EVO. But when the Midnight Channle suddenly appears, Rex gains a Persona. Now Rex, Yu, and the Investgation Team must solve the mistery of the Midnight Channle's return while also helping Rex's friends.

Generator Nova

For the plot, look here:

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