About me and GR

Wszemir is not my real name as it's very easy to guess - altho it's an actual very old, Polish, male name. It derives from words: "wsze(ch)-"("every-") and "Mir"("peace").

I started to be interested in GR as one day, while staying at a long queue at a mall I was browsing through some magazines, I came across short note in a teletext about "brand new, action packed cartoon about a teenage boy who can change his body parts into machines". The description, as silly as it sounded, brought my attention to the point that I did my best to remember it's title.

After getting back home I watched all available episodes (in my country GR was "brand new" - while in USA it already had whole season).

As I was watching first few episodes I had a nagging feeling that I know the art-style and story-telling from somewhere (and by somewhere I meant BEN10), I'm not fan of BEN10 but GR is, in it's all similarities with each-other, nicely different.

To tell the truth I caught up with the latest aired episode within 2-3 days. Meanwhile I also shyly started to contribute on this Wiki.

From time to time I try my best to contribute to the Polish version of GR Wiki but sadly the place lacks everything, really... it's abandoned and in really bad shape.

Bring on the fan-stuff!

As every fan I have my own OTPs/crack pairings and favourite characters. I also write fan-fictions and draw fan-arts(which can be found respectively on FFnet and DA).

Surprisingly I'm not found of the main character. For me Rex is way too annoying and at some episodes I just can't stand him. Also characters such as Kenwyn or Holiday are not very high in my favourite-character-ranking either.

As silly as it sounds my all time favourite characters are Captain Calan, Caesar... News Lady... Biowulf is quite cool too.

My favorite pages

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