aka RexnCaesar345

  • I live in Elgin,South Carolina
  • I was born on November 10
  • My occupation is I am a student at a school but I draw cartoon animation of the most coolest shows ever!
  • I am Female

Info Bio

I was born in North Carolina. I was born on this current date:11,10,1997. I am a female. Later,my mom and my first brother had moved to columbia. Then when Daniel was born,we had moved to Elgin. I reallyt didn't live with my dad but I get to see him every once in a while. Also,I had always drawn on everything since I was little,I sang ,as well,and did a little bit of everything for fun.

About Me

My name is Heather. But here are some of things that people call me: Rose,Rosebud,Rosie,and Rex. Well,Rex for me being obsessed with Generator Rex. I am a Scorpio. I may be a little fussy sometimes but otherwise,I am pretty nice and chillaxed. My favorite things to do are:Singing,dancing,drawing,doing art stuff,video taping,making vids with music to make AMVs,watching T.V,Listening to music,playing with instruments,writing stories,making Fan Fiction,and so much more. I am into sports,I sometimes watch spanish soap operas,and play with action figures. I am more of a tom boy than a girly girl but I am both. I have brown eyes,dark brown hair,dark eyebrow
Violeta and Rafael fight

Rafael and Violeta argue about how to use the Nanites.

color,and have my hair down and my hair split on the right side for style. From personality: I am very kind,I don't worry too much but sometimes,can be rebellious,I am very social,I like to be a bit of the smart to make people laugh,I am usually called the unique one. Kind of catchy,right? Also,some people make fun of me for Mild to Mardaret Retarted and Bi-Polar. I used to take medicine for Bi-Polar but it is getting better and I am still working my way with math. So,I can catch up with the others because I have Mild to Mardaret Retarted. I hope you guys have an idea on who I am. Also,I promise to follow the rule on this wiki and for the other fellows,keep the good work up:-)
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