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Season 1


Tuck: Rex?
Rex: Do I know you?
Tuck: It's me. Tuck. I used to be your best friend, remember? You were one of us. Welcome home.

Tuck: You kept a journal. Uploaded everything. That way, when sooner or later, you'd blank out, at least you'd know who you are or used to be.
Rex: How many times have I -?
Tuck: Lost it? Never with us. But before... I think it was a lot.

Rex: Look, I may not remember how I got out of this life. But I did. And you can too. Starting right now. It'll be fine. I promise... They don't look convinced.
Tuck: You made a promise like that once before.

Rex: You're not taking them anywhere!
Tuck: You're right. He's not. We're going willingly. At least we know who he is.
Quarry: Leave the sewers to us rats. You go back to Providence. It was good to see you again, Rex.

Skwydd: I hope you don't expect us to thank you.
Rex: No. Just don't blow this. Providence won't be a problem, unless you do something stupid.
Cricket: We'll be fine. Thank you, Rex.
Tuck: Don't forget us, okay?
Rex: That may be a promise I can't keep.

Season 2

Hard Target

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