Vital statistics
Name Trey
Aliases 3rd dangerous person in the world
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Eye color Brown
Abilities Peak human strength
Weapons Fists
Further info
First appearance "Divide By Six"
Last appearance "Six Minus Six"
Portrayed by: Jim Cummings
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Trey is a member of The Six. He is the third most dangerous man on the planet.[1]


Along with Dos, IV and Five, he attacked Rex to test his skills. Agent Six and the rest of the group kidnapped Rex for the purpose of curing One. When Rex failed, Trey agreed with Dos that killing One was better than locking him up in a cage. He fought Agent Six and Rex with the rest of his comrades but eventually was defeated.[1]

Trey and Five encountered Six on the same mission. When they spotted Rex, he and Five reminded Six that no witness was allowed. Trey tried to remember the contract's description, yet eventually failed. At first they worked together to eliminate Rex, but soon affected by Rex's taunting words they were against each other. He and Five retreated once they were defeated by Six.[2]


Trey is not the most intelligent among his comrades. He acts like a stereotypical hillbilly-thug. He has a habit of cracking bad jokes, which constantly annoys Five. He is also seen smiling most of the time, demonstrating a more carefree attitude than the rest of the Six. Like the other members of the Six he is very secretive about his life and job. He may work as an enforcer, due to Six's comment about him "breaking arms and legs".


Season Two


  • He speaks with a heavy Cajun accent.[1]
  • Trey and his group have lost only one case in Malaysia.[1]
  • He is voiced by Jim Cummings who is best known for voicing Disney characters: Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Darkwing Duck, Bonkers and Pete.
  • Trey's name is not actually a name. It's a rank, symbolizing the number three he earned.


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