Tree EVO
Tree E.V.O
Species Plant EVO
Adaptations Carnivorous
Unusual features Multiple eyes
Special abilities Cotrollable roots capable of stretching & growing fang
Further info
First appearance "The Day That Everything Changed"
Last appearance "Endgame, Part 2"

A Tree EVO is presumably a tree that has developed unusual adaptations after being infused with nanites from the Nanite Event. Tree EVO's most common ability is being able to stretch its roots and branches like appendages.


A tree EVO named Blinky almost attacked Noah while he was touring the Petting Zoo, but Rex punched the EVO back with a Smack Hand. When Rex and Noah later became trapped in the Petting Zoo, Noah rested his hand on a tree trunk which caused it to suddenly grow a fanged mouth.[1]

When Rex was attempting to capture the Rabbit EVO in the Petting Zoo, Blinky helped out by catching the EVO and tossing it back.[2]

Later on, Blinky encountered the Electric EVO and attempted to smash it, but it escaped.[3]

Known tree EVOs


Season One

Season Two


  • Noah has had multiple encounters with EVO trees.


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