Bobo Haha: Next floor, lingerie, cook-ware and giant mutant grasshoppers!
Rex Salazar: Ding! (Jumps)

Rex: And what are we doing in the middle of nowhere?
Rebecca Holiday: Weren't you in the briefing?
Rex: I thought "Chinese Hotspot" meant we were getting take-out.

Doctor Holiday: You're going down there? I'm all for physical force when necessary but I recommend...
Rex: We'll be fine. We're professional.

Doctor Holiday: (To Rex and Bobo) You have six hands between the both of you. Think you could lend me one? (Rex and Bobo claps)

Bobo: Wait for it?

Agent Six: Rudimentary brain functions only. These insects were never people.
Bobo Haha: You say it like it's a bad thing.

Rex: I make metal. They eat metal. Should we have put this together sooner? (An insect attempts to shoot a substance at Rex) And now you're spitting on me.

Doctor Holiday: I just need a sample. The creatures seem to use it tag objects with high metal content.
Rex: Get 'em from your stinky friend.
Doctor Holiday: It breaks down too quickly. It has to be extracted from a living specimen. I just need someone to go into the nest and (Bobo and Six walk away. Rex sighs and Holiday leads him away)
Bobo Haha: There's your biological response right there.

Rex: I gotta get up there. (Realizes he's naked. Rex gasps) Uh... Where are my clothes?
Doctor Holiday: Sorry. I had to quarantine them. There's still a chance I can salvage some of the pheromone compound they sprayed on you.
Rex: Wait... You mean you saw me...?
Doctor Holiday: (Holiday scoffs) Please, I'm a doctor (start walking away, then turns to face Rex again)... Motorcycles, huh?
Rex: Arghh... (Slips back under the blankets)

Rex: I'm going to go out on a limb here. I think we made it worse.
White Knight: It seems we'll have to implement the fallback plan.
Doctor Holiday: (Holiday punches the screen and grunts) So blindly charging forward didn't work. (Sarcastically) I'm shocked.
Agent Six: Doctor, we could use your help.
Doctor Holiday: Now you want to listen to me. I've got work to do.

Captain Calan: We're getting eaten alive.
Rex: In my case, not a figure of speech.

Agent Six: The swarm covers over half the province. Even our fastest jets can't fly around.
Doctor Holiday: Then we go over. Rex, load up.
Rex: Me? Put it in a missile or something?
Doctor Holiday: This substance is proximity based. I need your accuracy.

Rex: Any last minute instructions?
Doctor Holiday: Try not to die this time.

Bobo Haha: That's one more for me.
Rex: Yeah? Well, I got the rest them.

Rex: Why is my underwear on TV? (Holiday and Six turn around. To Bobo) Sources? This wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that I stomped more bugs than you, would it?
Bobo Haha: Heh. What do you think?
Rex: I think I'm going back to bed now.
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