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The Six
The Six
Leader(s) One (deceased)
Notable members Dos
Agent Six (formerly)

The Six are a group of mercenaries that consists of the six most dangerous people in the world. Each member is ranked, by how dangerous they are, by their names.


After the group ambushed Rex in an alley, he was surprised to discovered that Agent Six was affiliated with the group. Six told Rex that he was wanted as a cure for their leader, One, who had been transformed into an EVO and was locked away on a remote mountain. Although Rex agreed to it, he later discovered that One was incurable. Dos, Trey, IV, and Five then voted to kill One in order to put an end to his misery, but Six and Rex fought to prevent this. The group battled until One possessed Rex via nantites and used him to lecture Six. Afterward, One dissipated and caused the whole mountain top to be covered with a valley of grass.[1]

While attempting to infiltrate an EVO power plant in Limbarbe, Six ran into Trey and Five, who had been assigned on the same mission. Due to losing the past six years of his memories, Six only remembered being a part of the group instead of Providence. Once Trey noticed that they were being spied on by Rex, they attempted to kill him, saying that he knew too much.[2]

Notable members


  • Five is the only woman in the group, making her the most dangerous woman in the world.
  • Although Agent Six is sixth in line for the title of most dangerous, he has defeated higher-ranking members of the group in combat. As Six points out, there is a difference between being an accomplished fighter and being dangerous.[1]


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