The Pack
The Pack Emerges.png
Leader(s) Van Kleiss (formerly)
Biowulf (currently)
Notable members Skalamander
Headquarters Van Kleiss' castle
Purpose Make EVOs a Ruling Kind

The Pack is a group of powerful EVOs working under the command of Van Kleiss.


The Pack was founded before Rex had joined Providence - during this time, the group was considered a minor liability.[1] After the disappearance of Van Kleiss, Biowulf becomes as the new leader of The Pack.[2]


The Pack seem to be the most powerful EVO group under Van Kleiss's command. These EVOs are tasked with furthering their master's plans and with capturing and transporting EVOs to Van Kleiss so that he can feed off of their active nanites to ensure his survival.

Though Rex is a major part of their plans, they also try other schemes to take over the world and make sure that all EVOs rule. Pack members are capable of commanding other EVOs under the command of Van Kleiss.

Although Van Kleiss views them as valuable allies, he will dispose of them if they anger him enough, namely by absorbing their active nanites. This process petrifies the EVO, turning its entire body into solid stone.[1] He puts these "statues" in his "garden" as a warning to others who may go far enough to greatly displease him.[3]


Van Kleiss has shown signs of interest in expanding the Pack into a bigger group. However, he seems to care little about the members' safety. If Pack members go missing or die, they are quickly replaced by another.[3]


In order for EVOs to join the Pack, they must complete a mission where they must defeat a powerful EVO by themselves, to prove that they are indeed worthy of working for Van Kleiss.

So far the only exception to this rule was Circe, because she had developed a crush on none other than Rex during her mission, and vice versa, which Van Kleiss found valuable enough to let her join despite her failure.[4]





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