The Keep

The Keep.

The Keep is the largest airborne vehicle used by Providence.


The Keep is Providence's flagship, often being flown into battle against any large scale EVO incursion such as against the Multi-faced EVO or the Lomitle swarm. During an attack on Providence, Van Kleiss hijacked and crashed the Keep into Providence Headquarters, presumably destroying, if not severely damaging the ship.[1] However, it was later repaired by the time Caesar Salazar appeared. [2]

After the ship was appropriated by Black Knight when she took over she had it repainted black and equipped with a large scale particle laser, which was used against her and the Consortium when White Knight retoke control over Providence.[3]


The Keep has a deploying platform from where at least one scout ship can be expulsion and is also quite large, and as such can contain the entire fleet of Providence agents.

After Black Knight took control of Providence, the Keep was equipped with a devastating, retractable energy weapon which was used to contain the portal where Alpha and Ben came through.


Scout ship bay

At least one scout ship fits on this area of the ship, in which there's a door from which the scout ship emerges. The Keep can pull with a magnetic field if there is a problem with the scout ship.[4]

Navigation room

It is equipped with various trackers, maps, sensors and radars. The main pilot in the navigation room of the Keep is the Providence Admiral, although sometimes the main control can be set to autopilot.[2]

Rex's containment room

The room where Rex is instructed to wait until his assistance is required, or until Six's orders come. Rex can open the doors of this room by using his technopathic abilities, so he is technically never "locked up".[5]

Crew room

The Providence agents and Six maintain themselves on this area on various security seats, until their assistance is required.[5]



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