"Target: Consortium"
Season 3, Episode 16
316 Target- Consortium.png
Air date February 24, 2012
Written by Alexx Van Dyne
Directed by Chris Graham
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"Target: Consortium"[1] is the sixteenth episode of season three of Generator Rex and the 55th of the overall series. The episode was released on XBox LIVE, Zune, Playstation Network, and iTunes. It officially aired on December 27, 2012.


Jungle Cat returns and helps Rex and Six attempt to take out the Consortium.[2]


Rex communicates with the Nanite World.

Rex attempts to communicate with the Nanite World and sees a vision of a giant Meta-Nanite while trying to establish a connection with him. This experiment ultimately ends in failure when he loses his mental link to the machine. Upon awaking from his trance, Rex mentions to Doctor Holiday that something big is about to happen in the Nanite World and seems deeply concerned by this new development.

Around this time several Black Pawns are seen tending to some machines at a large Providence research facility in the mountains where the Nanite Research Team has been working on orders from the Consortium. Inside the laboratory, Peter Meechum displays deep frustration at being forced to do Gabriel Rylander's job in his absence, but Caesar soon appears pushing a large yellow tube on a cart. He claims that Rylander can take over, earning a sarcastic comment from Meechum who still believes their former colleague to be dead after his previous encounter with Van Kleiss. Rex's brother responds by activating the device, causing Gabriel Rylander to appear inside of the tube. He then tells Peter that while his body was split on the molecular level, he had never truly died. Black Knight watches the group through a security camera from her office and displays a sense of satisfaction before ordering her subordinates to arrange a meeting with the Consortium.

Jungle Cat joins in on the briefing.

Back at the Plant, White Knight explains the current situation to his team, claiming that the new intelligence they obtained on the Consortium may allow them to neutralize the enemy and stop their pursuit of the Meta-Nanites. He then briefs them on the Consortium and its individual members, revealing that each is a wealthy and powerful individual with a direct hand in international business, industry, and finance. White elaborates that the team's stealthiest agent is to thank for this new information, and although Rex guesses they are talking about him, Jungle Cat enters the scene with a sack and mentions that he was responsible. The feral EVO empties the contents of his sack, revealing a traumatized man whom Rex vaguely recognizes as the person Rylander had wanted revenge on. White Knight explains that their hostage is a former Consortium member that Jungle Cat had captured and used to gain important intelligence on his former allies. Using this new information, he orders Rex, Agent Six, and Jungle Cat to locate and capture to remaining members.

Black Knight is then seen back at the research facility explaining her findings to the Consortium. They find her tone condescending and force her to restart her presentation while showing them proper respect. She explains that the nanite reactor is nearly finished, and goes on to mention that Providence has finally reunited the original research team to aid in the completion of their plans. Several of the Consortium members dismiss the results of her labors as a waste of their time, while another makes note of Van Kleiss' mental instability and Rylander's lack of a physical body.

Rex and Six disguise themselves as Black Pawns.

Outside of the facility, Rex's team quickly makes their move and takes out several Black Pawns. After knocking out the guards, they steal their clothing and enter the base relatively undetected. As they continue their invasion unhindered, Black Knight continues to bear the scrutiny of her superiors, most of which believe that attending her meeting was a complete waste of time. She then reveals the single Meta-Nanite that Providence had managed to get their hands on.

Back downstairs, Rex is seen sneaking through the corridors alongside Agent Six and Jungle Cat, but he is suddenly overtaken by the mysterious voice he had heard during his attempt to contact the Nanite World. Once Jungle Cat snaps him out of it, Rex reveals that there is a Meta-Nanite in the immediate vicinity. Six reassesses the situation and tells his teammates to take care of that while he deals with the Consortium.

Back in the meeting room, the Consortium displays disappointment that only one of the five Meta-Nanites is in their hands. She calmly assures them that the remaining four will be obtained soon before telling her subordinates to take the one they have to the vault. Black Knight tries to ease the tension by mentioning that each of them has its own special power, but her claims are once again dismissed by the committee on the grounds that they want all of the power. One of the Consortium then refers to her as "little lady", causing Black Knight to display signs of irritation.

Around this time Six is attacked by the Black Pawns while wearing his disguise and quickly gets the word to the others that the enemy is not falling for their ruse. The others come close to getting caught when Rex begins to fall into another trance, but the situation becomes worse when Jungle Cat catches a glimpse of Van Kleiss through a window. Rex grabs hold of the angry EVO to stop him from doing anything irrational, but when the Black Pawns see them, Jungle Cat agrees to distract them while Rex finds the nanite. Upstairs the Consortium continues their discussion, although the group agrees that they need to have all five Meta-Nanites. One of them warns his colleagues that they should not mention their own plans in front of Black Knight and her subordinates, implying that they do not fully trust her.

Black Knight monitors the ambush.

Black Knight receives word that Agent Six has infiltrated the base from the guards stationed around the facility. Rex then ambushes a pair of Black Pawns and steals the Meta-Nanite before they can lock it away in the vault, quickly getting the word to Six that they should retreat. Black Knight watches Six from her monitor and determines that Rex must also be inside the building. The Consortium questions if there is a problem, but she sums it up as a minor security issue and decides to address the situation for herself.

After escaping the base Rex mentions that they only completed half the mission, but Six takes out a detonator, revealing that he planted a bomb to finish the job in case they were not able to capture the enemy. Realizing that Jungle Cat has not returned yet, they both agree to help him out before making their escape. While Six distracts the guards, Rex runs to the laboratory just in time to see Jungle Cat preparing to take his revenge. He angrily threatens Van Kleiss, but the unstable scientist continues to speak nonsense and begins recounting a story of a cat he had years ago.

Black Knight and her pawns target the group.

Rex challenges the scientists to give them a reason to let Van Kleiss live, but Doctor Rylander enters the scene and tells them that the world still needs him. Rex is noticeably surprised to see him alive and quickly wonders if his parents can be returned the same way, but Caesar sadly replies that they cannot. Rylander remains in high spirits and seems proud that they are close to completing the new nanite reactor, but Rex misunderstands their intentions and threatens to destroy it. While they discuss the issue, a Black Pawn hiding in the shadows reports to Black Knight, and she orders the remaining agents to surround Rex's team. Although Caesar claims they are doing the right thing, his brother refuses to believe it. Jungle Cat then prepares to finish off Van Kleiss, but ultimately decides to spare him after realizing that he is not worth it anymore. Gabriel Rylander tells Caesar to explain their true intentions to Rex, but they are interrupted by some new arrivals.

Agent Six enters the room and closes the door in an attempt to hold off the enemy, but the Black Pawns blast their way into the room and surround its occupants. Rex, Six, and Jungle Cat engage the soldiers as Black Knight enters, causing Doctor Meechum to panic as they damage the lab. Rex is distracted by the voice of the Meta-Nanite in his hand, but Black Knight uses the opportunity to take it back, smugly telling him that they should have fled when they still had the chance. He manages to knock the nanite out of her hand, but as she rushes forward to reclaim it, Six tosses one of his blades at her and the two engage in combat. Black Knight picks up his discarded sword and manages to parry his slashes, only to be kicked in the stomach. She recovers quickly and stuns him with her energy whip, but loses the nanite again when Jungle Cat tosses one of the Black Pawns at her.

Vostok, moments before he is killed by Black Knight.

The trio prepares to leave, but Six decides to detonate the bomb and finish the job permanently, but Rex tells him that killing the enemy would make them no better than the Consortium or Black Knight. Six simply responds by telling the others to go, claiming he will be right behind them. The Consortium members angrily declare that they were pulled into an ambush and quickly flee the premises, but one of them refers to his colleagues as cowards and decides to stay behind. He tells Black Knight that he wants to discuss her future. She happily agrees before killing him.

Outside of the Providence facility, Six reveals that he decided not to use the detonator and the group departs. Meanwhile, Black Knight blames her victim's death on the enemy and arrogantly implies her desire to take his empty spot on the committee.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Daryl Sabara Rex Salazar
Wally Kurth Agent Six
Grey DeLisle Rebecca Holiday
J. K. Simmons White Knight
Troy Baker Van Kleiss
Roswell (debut)
Jennifer Hale Black Knight
Freddy Rodriguez Caesar Salazar
John DiMaggio Jungle Cat
Vostok (debut)
Brent Spiner Gabriel Rylander
Wil Wheaton Peter Meechum
Robin Atkin Downes Reddick (debut)
Anthony Haden-Scott (debut)
Non-speaking role(s)
Xanubian (debut)
Former Consortium member


  • Wil Wheaton and Brent Spiner had both previously worked together in Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Big Bang Theory episode "The Russian Rocket Reaction".
  • This is the third episode in a row that Bobo does not appear.
  • It is hinted that Van Kleiss is not mad at all, but this is only confirmed in "Endgame, Part 1" and "Endgame, Part 2".
  • The true nature of the Black Pawns are implied when Rex stated how hard it is to breath with their masks on.


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