Table tennis

Gabriel and Michael face Rex and Noah in a table tennis competition.

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong, is a sport played with a paddle and a light weight ball on a table with a net.

This sport is glorified by students and teachers of Benjamin Franklin High School, East Side High School and other schools in the district.


It is played against two teams that both have two players. They play against one another until one is defeated by a higher number of scores. The game is setted by a hard table with a net that seperates the two. Players of the game must bounce the battle back and forth with a paddle. If missed or out of bound, the opposite team scores.


Playing table tennis

Girls from another school competing in a table tennis competition.

When going into a ping pong tournament, Noah told Rex of EVOs named Gabriel and Michael whom are ping pong champions due to their great skills and endless winning of ping-pong tournaments. Since Noah's previous teammates had been injured badly from playing against them, Rex got involved and enrolled into Noah's high school as a student.

Rex, at first, found it strange that a sport could be loved so much, but went along with it. As the tournament started, Noah and Rex went up against other players. When finally facing Gabriel and Michael, they're powers were enhanced by their power hungry father, Coach. The game was invalid due to Rex and the EVOs fight, causing the ball and table to be destroyed.[1]



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