Swamp EVO
Swamp E.V.O. profile
Vital statistics
Species EVO
Abilities  ·Enhanced strength
 ·Arm elasticity
Weapons Pipe[1]
Enemies Rex Salazar, Agent Six, Bobo Haha
Further info
First appearance "Guy vs. Guy"
Last appearance "Enemies Mine"
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The Swamp EVO is an EVO that resided in a swamp nearby the city. It was captured by Rex.[2]


Providence released it back into the wild for some bizarre reason, but it was still dangerous. Its collar was broken off thus turning the EVO loose on the populace. Rex was able to defeat the EVO[2]

It was recaptured by Providence and placed into a Providence prison facility, however it broke out. Bobo Haha was responsible for preventing its escape. [1]


Season Three


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