Rex: Thanks a lot there, Six. Next time, at least give me a chance.
Agent Six: We're at war. Orders are orders. Even if we don't like them.

Rex: (referring to his fight with Father Jose) There's more to my job with Providence than smashing heads, Noah. I mean, that kid today was so - scared. To him, I wasn't fighting some EVO'ed out monster. I was... hurting someone he cared for. I was the bad guy. What am I supposed to do with that?
Noah: You tried talking to Six about this?
Rex: Six? He doesn't do talk.

Noah: (to Rex) You make giant mechanical hands and smash things. There's nothing normal about you.

Bobo Haha: (to Rex) A lot of headaches here today because of you skipping out. Bring me along next time, will ya?

Agent Six: What you're about to see is disturbing.
Rex: Disturbing? Cool!

White Knight: We've been able to isolate Meechum and his victims to Lower Manhattan. And have mobilized a mass evacuation. But we lost valuable time and energy searching for you. Needless to say if you can't pull this off, I'll be forced to cleanse the area.
Rex: Cleanse? What do you mean?
White Knight: Don't mess this one up, hot shot!

Rex: You can't be serious?!
White Knight: Then don't mess this one up...hotshot.

Doctor Holiday: Six, Meechum infected Rex through physical contact. Whatever you do, don't let him touch you.
Agent Six: Noted.

Doctor Holiday: Rex, you need to fight this.
Rex: Easy for you to say, Doc. You're not the one... getting used... as a battering ram.
Doctor Holiday: We're losing him! Rex, you *need* to focus. When have you ever let someone tell you what to do?
Rex: (Rex gasps) ... NOT TODAY!

Rex: But you can't! All these people...
White Knight ...are an acceptable loss to save millions more. You had your shot an you blew it.

Rex: Noah, you got your bike? I need you to check something. No pressure here, but the fate of about 10 million lives depend on how fast you get there.

Rex: (Talking to Meechum) Obeying orders is way overrated. Trust me... I can help you, but not if we're dead. You need to chill out now!

Agent Six: Rex, we have our orders. We need to move now!
Rex: Or what? You keep telling me that we're at war. But what are we fighting for? Orders aren't orders, Six. These are people. They have famililes.

Rex: (to Meechum) Obeying orders is way overrated. Trust me... I can help you, but not if we're dead. You need to chill out now!

Rex: (Talking to Meechum) A person's a person, no matter how screwed up they are.

Agent Six: (to Bobo) The kid was right. Sometimes orders aren't orders.
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