Providence's Stealth Cycle

A stealth cycle being used.

A Providence stealth cycle is a motorcycle-like Providence vehicle used on dry land, such as deserts and urban streets.


The stealth cycle was seen where two Providence agents were sent to find Rex and investigate EVO activity expecting to detect Rex.[1] Circe also used a stealth cycle to flee from the Bug Jar after she quit working for Van Kleiss. She seemed to be able to operate the cycle correctly and went to Hong Kong, as per Rex's guidance.[2]


Hence the name, the stealth cycle is mostly used to track down targets. Its presence is less detectable unlike other large Providence vehicles. Aside from the speed, the cycle's engine is quieter than an ordinary motorcycle's. Inside one cycle contains one back seat for one person, a sensor detect monitor, and armed with weapons. Each cycle is placed with trackers to avoid theft.[2]


  • It has a slight resemblance to the light cycles from Tron.


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