Starfish EVO
Starfish EVO profile
Species Animal EVO
Body type Star-shaped invertebrate
Unusual features Numerous mouths
Special abilities Above average strength
Rapid regeneration
Further info
First appearance "Mixed Signals" (only appearance)

The Starfish EVO first appeared in middle of the city, causing havoc and tearing down buildings. Providence was reported to take it down.[1]


Rex was instructed by Six to finish the EVO but he was distracted by coming signals from nowhere. Rex began growing a bizarre device from his body. Despite all attempts to stop it, the growing build involuntarily continued.

Rex first thought that the signal was coming from the Starfish EVO, trying to tell him something. When Rex approached the EVO hoping to communicate, it slammed Rex aside and went to continue it's destructive rampage.

When Rex went to fight the EVO again he received another signal and build another device, he pulled out the build and using it to cut the EVO starfish. Its two halves regenerated and became two separate, smaller Starfish EVOs.[1]

Later on, the Starfish EVOs continued to multiply as they regenerated from being cut into many parts. Eventually, Caesar Salazar injected the creature with a serum and caused it to reassemble into its complete form. It was then subdued by Providence using an extensive electrical net.[1]


Season Two


  • Rex called the EVO "Blobbo".[1]


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