Stabilizer ring
EVO collar
Users Providence
First appearance Basic

Collars are useful devices that Providence uses to restrain and control EVOs. When a collared EVO attempts to use its full abilities, the device delivers a shocking jolt.[1]

Later, Black Knight used collars to brainwash EVOs and place them under Providence's control.[2]


At Providence Basic Training, EVOs were collared to prevent them from using their full power. When Rex was about to be sent into the Cage, Kenwyn purposely deactivated the collars, allowing most of the EVOs to escape from their cells.[1]

Providence's goals and philosophy changed entirely after coming under the leadership of Black Knight. The collars were used to tame EVOs, causing them to obey every command of the controller. As demonstrated by Black Knight, the collars could also be deactivated remotely, causing the EVO to return to its previous nature.[2]

It would appear that some upgrades had been made to the collars, which allowed them to be fired from machine guns to collar EVOs from a distance. Several Black Pawns used them in the attack on Abysus, turning the EVOs against their own people.[3]

Quarry was able to adapt and modify the collar technology so that he could control collared EVOs using video game consoles. Providence was later seen crating up the consoles and shipping them off.[4]


Season One

Season Two

Season Three


  • When Rex does his curing sessions on EVOs, Providence also places collars on them.[5]
  • When Rex deactivates a control collar, it explodes.[4]


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