Everything is in place.

–Spy to Van Kleiss, "Payback"

 Providence traitor
Vital statistics
Name Spy
Species Human
Affiliation(s) Providence (formerly)
The Pack
Physical description
Gender Male
Abilities  ·Marksmanship
Allies The PackVan Kleiss, Biowulf
Enemies Providence, Rex Salazar
Further info
First appearance Payback
Last appearance  Payback
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Spy is the agent of Providence, who was Van Kleiss scout inside Providence himself.[1]



At some point in the past, the Spy was a cadet, trained by Providence, and became an agent. Then however, he was recruited by Van Kleiss and has since served as his scout in Providence.


Later, planning to attack the headquarters of the organization, Van Kleiss contacted him and he told him that everything is in place and that Rex was nearby in the Keep. Thanks to his information, Van Kleiss was able seize the Keep, to cause serious harm to Providence and temporarily deprive Rex of his abilities.

It is not known what happened to him after the attack was repelled. It can be assumed that he was arrested along with most of the other EVO or ran away, since he was no longer seen with either Van Kleiss or Providence.


As a Providence agent, the Spy was probably trained in the shooting of an EVO blaster and may have had some hand-to-hand combat skills, although this was not shown.

He was also a good scout and was able to spy for Van Kleiss without causing suspicion on the part of Providence.


Season One


  • He is the only known member of The Pack who was not EVO.


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