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Spilken bio
Vital statistics
Name Spilken
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Abilities Skilled mechanic
Skilled thief
Relatives Rex (ward)
Further info
First appearance M. Rex – Issue 1
Last appearance M. Rex – Issue 2
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Spilken is a character of M. Rex. He acts as Rex’s guardian.


For detailed Spilken's history move to plot paragraph of M. Rex article.


Spilken is a tall man in his late 30s with short brown hair and mustache. He wears a pilot’s cap with enormous goggles, white turtle-neck sweater and long brown trench coat.


Spilken as professional thief is a good actor and liar who is able to take necessary risks to obtain valuable goods. Although when his cover gets busted he will do whatever it takes to ensure himself safety - even if it means betraying people close to him.



  • Spilken appeared only in the M. Rex comic series and doesn't have a TV series counterpart.


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