Sphinx profile
Vital statistics
Name Sphinx
Species Feline EVO
Physical description
Hair color Grey and white (fur)
Eye color Black
Abilities Corrosive gas
Enhanced agility
Enhanced strength
Allies Gharun Set
Enemies Rex Salazar
Further info
First appearance "Riddle of the Sphinx" (only appearance)
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Sphinx is an ancient EVO owned by the pharaoh Gharun Set.[1]


The Sphinx is a giant beast with two heads which can breathe gas and rust metal which makes Rex's machines half useless. The beast was buried in the ancient Sphinx monument. Rex once thought it was just a sculpture, while Gharun Set revealed that it was a tomb, the resting place of his steed. Using his staff, Gharun Set destroyed the monument and summoned the Sphinx. Later, after their battle with Rex, Sphinx fell down from a building when its nanites were dying. It soon became dust.[1]


Season Three


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