Space station

The space station.

The space station was one of Providence's bases placed in Earth's orbit.[1]


The Providence space station was located in low Earth orbit, near the base where the space elevator stops. The spacecraft was powered by a pair of solar arrays, which converted sunlight to power. The space station was also equipped with an escape pod.

A team of Providence scientists were stationed aboard the base. Their mission was to find ways to deactivate and stabilize nanites. Like many Providence bases, the space station was located in an area completely devoid of life likely to prevent the nanites from re-entering living creatures.

The base was destroyed after burning up in the Earth's atmosphere.[1]


Zag RS made an unexpected reappearance and quickly hacked the space station's systems, causing havoc throughout the base and making it incredibly difficult for Doctor Holiday and Pete Volkov to escape. Rex came to the station and rescued the two after putting up a fight with Salvator, a research drone that Zag RS had hacked into. Rex and the two escaped in an escape pod while Zag RS burned with the space station in the atmosphere.[1]

Known Passengers


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