Space Elevator

The space elevator extends from Earth to space.

The space elevator is a transporter for cargo that can travel altitudes from Earth to space in minutes.


The space elevator was a machine utilized by Providence to rapidly transport supplies to various satellite stations. When Zag RS took over Providence's Satellite Research Station, Providence used the space elevator to send Rex Salazar into space to re-take the station. Rex was the only one who could survive the trip due to his superhuman durability and thus was sent in alone. The strain of the trip destroyed the elevator.[1]


It has a platform that has controls and a rocket booster that can propel it to space. The platform stays within a tube that reaches throughout space.

Known users

  • Rex Salazar: Sent by Providence to safely assist Holiday and Pete back to Earth.


  • According to White Knight, no normal human can withstand the harsh pressure when going into space on the space elevator.[1]


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