217-Grape soda

Rex opens and drinks a bottle of grape soda.

Soda is a cool, carbonated soft drink. It is mostly bottled or canned. It is a beverage mostly used to cool off agents when they go on missions.


When separated from a Providence supply convoy while transporting toilet paper on a beaten down ice cream truck. Rex's truck with Noah and Bobo stopped on the mini market to buy some snacks. Rex came out of the mini market bringing soda cans in his hands and chips inside his jacket. When he gave the soda to Noah, he immediately knew that those sodas were expired. Bobo spat out his drink saying "it tasted like feet and not the clean kind". Rex ignored their protest and continued drinking it, liking it because they were free.[1]

Once, While going on a recovery mission with Providence, Rex was resting by a mobile base. Rex pulled out a bottle of grape soda from a beverage chiller. Annoyed at the consistency of Providence always bringing grape Rex drank it before being interrupted by White Knight, causing him to spit it back up. When he was attacked by Jungle Cat, he struck Rex's bottle, allowing it to break.[2].


  • Apparently Rex does not like grape soda or is sick of it[2]. But he likes expired soda[1]
  • According to Rex, Providence always brings grape soda on missions as beverages[2].


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