Sly Tyler
Sly Profile
Vital statistics
Name Sly Tyler
Affiliation(s) Trendbenders
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blue
Eye color Green
Allies Rex Salazar, JoJo, Leon, Beau
Enemies Sebastian
Further info
First appearance "Rock My World" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Greg Cipes
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Sly is a band member of the Trendbenders. He is the lead singer and guitarist of the group.[1]


When Sly and his band first started off, the band was nothing but a plain beginners band. They received their first fan, Sebastian, who loved their music. Throughout the times, they rose to fame but Sebastian was not happy about their rapid change. Ever since then, he had chased them constantly. Sly even mentioned that Sebastian had sent nasty emails and brought them down through fan sites.

When performing at a concert, Sly and the band were terrorized by their fan, Sebastian, once again. When Rex fought him off, he was hired as security by the band. Sly and his band were chased constantly and were almost killed. Rex saved them and cured a clone of Sebastian's, which Sly thought was the original.

Later, their manager, JoJo, had gotten a gig that offered a lot of money. However, it turned out to be a trick by Sebastian. He and his clones ambushed the band and Sly and strapped bombs to his legs. Sly found this completely unbelievable and did not understand what sense it made to play for him if they were going to be killed anyway. Eventually, they were saved by Rex who cured the original Sebastian and deactivated the bombs.[1]


Season Three


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