The skaters.

The skaters are a group of skater teens who go by McKelly, Dunky, Beagle and Shades.


The four were seen briefly pretending to be friends with Rex before Noah came along. During this time, it was seen that they enjoyed skateboarding and having Rex steal things for them with his EVO technopathic abilities. When Rex decided not to continue doing this, the four left him and called him a freak.[1]

They were seen again when Noah invited them over to Providence for a party, mostly because he could not find anyone else while in detention. They came on the false belief that there was a free nacho bar. They attempted to leave Providence several times before the Jungle Cat broke out and wreaked havoc around the base. Nothing about them had changed, however, since they were still seen calling Rex a freak and being reckless. At the end, they were thrown into the sewers by White Knight for trespassing Providence Headquarters.[2]


Season One

Season Two


  • Man of Action voiced their show's counterparts in their second appearance but did not voice them in the first.[3]
  • The skaters called themselves "the men of action", thus hinting at their linkage to the Man of Action crew.[2]
  • They are called "jerks" by Rex and "hoodlums" by the official synopsis of the episode.
  • They all attend Benjamin Franklin High School along with Noah.


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