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MR Sheik
Vital statistics
Name Sheik
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Further info
First appearance M. Rex – Issue 2
Last appearance M. Rex – Issue 2
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Sheik is a character of M. Rex. He is a very powerful criminal lord under whom Spilken and Rex work.


For detailed Sheik's history move to plot paragraph of M. Rex article.


Sheik is a bald, tall man, with piercing black eyes. He wears Arabic-looking clothing with lots of golden rings on his fingers.


Sheik is an indifferent and ruthless crime lord. He's very interested in owning lots of young boys. He becomes especially interested in Rex since Spilken revealed the boy's unique powers.


  • Sheik appeared only in the M. Rex comic series and doesn't have a TV series counterpart.


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