Serge profile
Vital statistics
Name Sergio
Aliases Serge
Base of operations Aquania
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye color Yellow
Abilities  ·Aquatic adaption

 ·Aquatic respiration
 ·Communication with aquatic EVOs via sonic waves

Allies Rex Salazar, Agent Six
Further info
First appearance "Waste Land" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Matthew Lillard
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Serge, short for Sergio, is an aquatic EVO and the ruler of Aquania.[1]


When a research ship was documenting the Pacific garbage belt, Serge mistakenly thought the vessel was an attack ship. Taking precautions, he commanded his other fish-like EVO allies to sink the ship without harming the crew.

After Rex and Agent Six were sent underwater to retrieve the sunken ship's reactor core, which was in danger of breaking and spreading radioactive steam throughout the whole mainland, Serge attacked them. After the two escaped, they found their way into Aquania, Serge's home. Rex and Six were confronted by Serge soon after their arrival, but he later decided that they weren't a threat due to Rex trying to help find the reactor core.

When finally locating the reactor core and the ship, Serge warned Rex that it was too far underwater and that the pressure could crush him. However, Rex still attempted to retrieve them. When Rex was in danger of drowning, Serge immediately came to his aid. Rex and Six eventually obtained the reactor core rods and departed from Aquania, promising not to reveal the location of Serge's home.[1]


Serge is the only sentient EVO in all of Aquania, while the other EVOs there are either near-sentient or instinct-driven. He uses the EVO's instincts to control them, similar to Van Kleiss and NoFace. However, unlike either of the two, Serge controls them in a productive way to both clean the ocean and make life more liveable for aquatic life while simultaneously converting the garbage into coral to build Aquania. He is also extremely durable and able to survive ship-crushing pressures.[1]


Season Two

Season Three

Video Games


  • He is voiced by Matthew Lillard, who is known for his portrayal of Shaggy Rogers in recent Scooby-Doo media and antagonist Stu Macher in the horror film Scream.


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