Sea Monster EVO
Sea monster
Species Animal EVO
Body type Cephalopoda/Decapoda
Unusual features Multiple heads
Special abilities Enhanced strength
Further info
First appearance "Beyond the Sea" (only appearance)

The Sea Monster EVO is a large EVO that lurks in Cabo Luna.[1]


The Sea Monster EVO was responsible for Rex and Circe first meeting: it gave Rex the idea of coming to Cabo Luna when Captain Calan was giving a briefing about rumors of its rampages on the Mexican coast and Circe was assigned to kill it.

It is later revealed that the EVO was lured near the beach by Circe, who summoned the beast with her siren like call. As part of an initiation test, Circe was assigned to kill it in order to earn the right to join The Pack.

In the end, the sea monster was ultimately eliminated by Rex's, who sliced off several of it's legs throwing it off balance, and Circe's, who knocked the unbalanced creature down with her sonic attack, combined efforts, despite the fact she was supposed to defeat it alone.[1]


Season One

Video Games


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