Body type Scorpion
Adaptations Massive size
Unusual features Lack of eyes
Special abilities Enhanced strength
Further info
First appearance "Breach"
Last appearance "Written in Sand"

The Scorthius [1] EVO is a large mutant scorpion. It appears that most scorpions going EVO will turn into the same appearance.


Agent Six and Bobo Haha had encountered a pack of Scorthius in a desert. They were attacking them because Bobo had intruded into their territory. The number of Scorthius' increased when Bobo shot at their nest. Later, when they were surrounded, the Scorthius were killed by falling ice cream trucks that were sent coincidentally by Breach using her portals.[2]

When Van Kleiss was trapped inside a sandstorm with Rex, he snatched a passing scorpion and activated its nanites, thus turning it into an EVO. Instead of attacking Rex, the EVO turned against Van Kleiss. It was soon cured by Rex when it ran after him next.[3]


Season One

Season Two


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