Scientist 1
Scientist 1 profile
Vital statistics
Species Human
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Allies Scientist 2
Enemies Quarry
Further info
First appearance "Hard Target"
Last appearance "Hard Target"
Portrayed by: Jason Marsden
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Scientist no. 1 is a scientist who appeared to be working on the Molecular Destabilizer.[1]


While working with another scientist on a project which they believed would be the world's ultimate weapon, he tried to find a method into getting past the field that could dissolve organic matter without being harmed. Meanwhile discussing it, he was picking up rhythmic vibration waves (later revealed as foot steps) that came their way. Quarry broke into the room in order to retrieve the molecular destablizer himself. Unaware of Quarry's abilities and intentions, he tried to warn him before stepping into the field. Unfortunately, Quarry got past (when he stepped through loosing his shoes), stole the project, and used the weapon as his own.[1]


Season Two


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