Sarah Meechum
Sarah Meechum profile
Vital statistics
Name Sarah Meechum
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Relatives Peter Meechum (father)
Allies Rex
Enemies Van Kleiss
Further info
First appearance "String Theory" (only appearance)
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Sarah Meechum is the young daughter of Peter Meechum.[1]


Sarah was taken hostage by Van Kleiss in order to force Peter Meechum to do his bidding. This took a huge toll on Peter, preventing him from being cured. However, after Rex said he'd save Sarah, Peter gave in and allowed himself to be cured. Rex later broke into Sarah's cell and saved her, eventually reuniting her with her father at Providence Headquarters.[1] Later on, she was enrolled at a boarding school in England.[2]


Season One

Season Three


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