EVO Roswell

Vital statistics
Name Roswell
Species Human
Base of operations Consortium base
Affiliation(s) Consortium
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Eye color Light grey
Abilities  ·Pyrokinesis (formerly)
 ·Cryokinesis (formerly)
Allies Anthony Haden-Scott, Reddick, Xanubian, Vostok
Further info
First appearance "Target: Consortium"
Last appearance "Endgame, Part 2"
Portrayed by: Troy Baker
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Roswell is a wealthy, Southern businessman who works with oil and minerals.[1] He is also a member of the Consortium.


Roswell and the other Consortium members convened at a Providence facility to hear Black Knight's progress report. Roswell showed little interest in the single Meta-Nanite that Black Knight had obtained, as it only offered a fraction of the Meta-Nanites' combined powers.[1]

Following Rex's capture, the Consortium members were placed in a machine that would soon make them powerful beings by infusing them with the Meta-Nanites. However, Rex managed to prevent the Meta-Nanites from merging, and as a result, Roswell only received the power of one Meta-Nanite. Eventually, he put this power to use and battled Rex along with the Consortium. When Rex escaped, the Consortium took matters into their own hands.[2]

Using his powers to torment the city, Roswell and the Consortium made another attempt to gain all the powers of the Master-Control Nanites after defeating Rex in a second battle. Eventually, Rex captured the group and stopped them from gaining the full power of the Meta-Nanites.[3]


He appears to be the most enthusiastic out of all the Consortium members and has a cowboy attitude. For example, when Black Knight suggested they take their anger out on Rex, he responded by saying that it would be fun.[2]


Although originally human, when Roswell merged with a Meta-Nanite he gained many powerful abilities. However, he was not as powerful as expected due to the Meta-Nanites' failure to merge, causing him to receive approximately 1/5 of the total power he was promised. The only ability he displayed was the power to control both fire and ice. He was able to create ice on the turbines of Rex's Boogie Pack and freeze him to the ground. He could also shoot powerful flames from his hands, catch Rex in a flame tornado and melt a Providence assault vehicle by merely looking at it.


Season Three


  • He continuously calls Black Knight "little lady".[2]
  • He is likely named after the famous town of Roswell, where an alien autopsy supposedly took place.


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