Vital statistics
Base of operations Brooklyn
Affiliation(s) EVO Guys
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown
Abilities  ·Average hand-to-hand combat
Allies Lansky, Rex
Enemies Frog EVO
Further info
First appearance "Basic"
Last appearance "Moonlighting"
Portrayed by: Daryl Sabara ("Basic")

Phil LaMarr ("Moonlighting")

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Rombauer is an expelled Providence cadet from Brooklyn who failed to pass Providence Basic Training. Now, with Lansky they formed a small EVO busting business called the "EVO Guys".


He was the first cadet who passed the EVO dissection exercise and then was ordered to fight Weaver in the Cage. After Rombauer failed the test, he was sent home in accordance with Providence Basic procedure.[1]

He later appeared with gained weight and started his own small EVO busting business called the "EVO Guys" along with his teammate Lansky, a former Providence agent. Rombauer and Lansky's EVO extermination business focused on smaller mutated animals and plants that disturbed their neighborhood, as they claimed that Providence was only after "the big ones".

Rombauer was the first to negotiate with Rex and tried to convince him to join the EVO Guys. During their early missions he thought it was a good idea to let Rex join because he was boosting their fame. Later he was frustrated that Rex had surpassed his and Lansky's fight for client priorities. Rombauer accused Rex of being too good for them and then he and Lansky left Rex fighting the Frog EVO, a difficult EVO they had encountered before, alone. However, he and Lansky later returned to Rex and decided to help.[2]


Rombauer is an optimist and eager to please his clients. Though he and Lansky are resentful of Providence, he trusts Rex's judgement. Despite his lack of fighting skills, Rombauer is willing to take risks to finish the job.[2]


Season One

Season Two


  • Rombauer did not have any lines in his first appearance.[1]


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