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Season 1

The Day That Everything Changed

Rex Salazar: (narrating) OK, check it out. Here's our planet nice and normal right? Everything's cool. Then like from out of nowhere. Whoosh! There was this accident. Nobody knows why it happened but it caused these tiny machines called nanites to get into every living thing. Every once in a while the nanites turn things into monsters. Like this guy (shows image of multifaced E.V.O.). We call 'em E.V.O's. Most E.V.O's just want to wreck stuff and that's why we have Providence...

Rex: (continues his narration) I guess you can say I work for the Providence. I’m their secret weapon. So secret they got to keep me locked up.
Bobo Haha: Maybe you need to lay of the sody pop chief. (Rex kicks his hat from his head with a ball) Sheesh, touchy.
Rex: (still narrating) Finally. When the situation gets really bad they call on me to handle things with the skill and professionalism of a highly trained soldier. Pshh, yea right (jumping of the Keep) Woohoo!
Bobo Haha: Oh, boy.
Rex: (still narrating) Here's the cool part: I'm an E.V.O too, but for some reason I'm different from the others. Instead of my nanites turning me into a rampaging monster, I control them - tell them what to do. That means I can do things like THIS (transforms his hands into Smack hands) INCOMING!! (Slams into the E.V.O, Smack hands disappear as he takes off his goggles) Hello, monster guy. I'm Rex. Now thrill me.

Rex: That's not messing around. (Rex changes weapons) This is messing around!

Rex: Now who wants to go first, anyone? (jumps and starts hitting the monster with Smack Hands) Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

Cured man: You... made me normal again. (Hugs Rex)
Rex: Handshakes work too - naked man.
(The man's towel drops)
Rex: Serious. Stop hugging me.

Rebecca Holiday: I'm talking about the 90% negative spike in your bio-energy. Have an explanation?
Rex: My bios spike every time I see you, Dr. Holiday.
Bobo Haha: Smooth like sandpaper.

Bobo Haha: Uh, might I remind you, monkeys like to throw bobo bombs. And I had Mexican yesterday.
Rex: Good monkey.

Rex: (to Noah Nixon) I guess? I mean, just wish they could help me to figure out who I am... but you know the best thing about amnesia? I forgot!

Rex: (to Noah) Six is like a nanny... just more aggro

Rex: How'd you find me?
Agent Six: High frequency transponder.
Rex: You tagged me? Like a dolphin?
Agent Six: Not you. It's in the monkey's diaper.
Bobo Haha: ...It's a simian undergarment!

String Theory

Rex: Thanks a lot there, Six. Next time, at least give me a chance.
Agent Six: We're at war. Orders are orders. Even if we don't like them.

Rex: (referring to his fight with Father Jose) There's more to my job with Providence than smashing heads, Noah. I mean, that kid today was so - scared. To him, I wasn't fighting some EVO'ed out monster. I was... hurting someone he cared for. I was the bad guy. What am I supposed to do with that?
Noah Nixon: You tried talking to Six about this?
Rex: Six? He doesn't do talk.

Bobo Haha: (to Rex) A lot of headaches here today because of you skipping out. Bring me along next time, will ya?

Agent Six: What you're about to see is disturbing.
Rex: Disturbing? Cool!

White Knight: We've been able to isolate Meechum and his victims to Lower Manhattan. And have mobilized a mass evacuation. But we lost valuable time and energy searching for you. Needless to say if you can't pull this off, I'll be forced to cleanse the area.
Rex: Cleanse? What do you mean?
White Knight: Don't mess this one up, hotshot!

Doctor Holiday: Rex, you need to fight this.
Rex: Easy for you to say, Doc. You're not the one... getting used... as a battering ram.
Doctor Holiday: We're losing him! Rex, you need to focus. When have you ever let someone tell you what to do?
Rex: (Rex gasps) ... NOT TODAY!

Rex: Noah, you got your bike? I need you to check something. No pressure here, but the fate of about 10 million lives depend on how fast you get there.

Rex: (Talking to Meechum) Obeying orders is way overrated. Trust me... I can help you, but not if we're dead. You need to chill out now!

Agent Six: Rex, we have our orders. We need to move now!
Rex: Or what? You keep telling me that we're at war. But what are we fighting for? Orders aren't orders, Six. These are people. They have families.

Rex: (to Meechum) Obeying orders is way overrated. Trust me... I can help you, but not if we're dead. You need to chill out now!

Rex: (Talking to Meechum) A person's a person, no matter how screwed up they are.

Beyond the Sea

Agent Six: These briefings are going to be normal operating procedures. Get used to it, kid.
Rex: I can promise you, for a kid this is not normal.

Rex: Ah, this is perfect. We hang out, lay low. Finally get some normal for a change.
Bobo Haha:: Ah, sand plus fur equals itch.
Rex: Talking chimps, not normal. (Bobo makes monkey sounds) Mas chido.

Noah Nixon: (Watching two females pass in front of them) I don't know how you'd ever forget a thing like this.
Rex: Eh? They're nothing compared to Dr. Holiday.
Noah: Isn't she old, 28 or something? You just need to get over her and meet some girls your own age.
Bobo Haha: (Bobo burps) And low IQ.

Rex: (After Rex accidentally tackles Circe) Are you okay? (Circe gives him a dirty look) Did you see that awesome save?!
Circe: (Dryly) Sorry, I was busy trying not to get tackled by some nitwit.
Rex: Yeah? How'd that work out for ya? ...and who still uses the word nitwit? I'm Rex.
Circe: I'm leaving

(Rex follows after Circe, who jumps on top of him from a tree branch.)
Circe: Why are you following me?
Rex: I don't know... exactly...
Circe: Do you think I'm playing?
Rex: Well, if you are, I'm down for another game.

Rex: I thought maybe we could hang out? It is spring break, you know? Fun?
Circe: I'm with my family. We're not really here for fun.
Rex: What? Who comes to the beach and doesn't have fun? (Circe raises her hand)
Rex: Don't you think that's a little messed up?
Circe: A little.

Circe: You're an Evo?
Rex: You catch on fast.
Circe: Takes one to know one. (Circe's mouth changes in her E.V.O form)
Rex: No way!

Circe: (after Rex revives) Did I hurt you?
Rex: Yeah. It was awesome!

Rex: It's not a date.
Noah: Make sure to ask her stuff, girls like when you talk to them.
Rex: It's not a date.
Bobo Haha: Buy her some shoes - that's what girls really like.
Rex: It's NOT a date, it's she's just... I'm an E.V.O., she's an E.V.O...
Noah: Oh, and ask for the second date, before you screw up this one.
Rex: It's not a date.

Agent Six: Everyone at Providence is so caught up about controlling your nanites that they forget you can't even control your hormones.
Rex: This isn't going to be a "birds bees and machines" talk, is it?

Agent Six: I could... probably buy you a few more days here.
Rex: Thanks Six, but... let's just go home.
Agent Six: Hey, you wanted normal? I've got news for you. What you're feeling right now, about her, doesn't get any more normal than that.


Rex Salazar: (Dr. Holiday attaches something to Rex's wrist) Whoa! What are you doing?
Rebecca Holiday: Sit still. There are less pleasant ways to get a reading. (Holiday holds up a probe) To figure this out we need a clean base line measurement - no missions, no staining activity.
Rex: What if I don't want to?
Doctor Holiday: Rex, in this line of work we all have to do things we don't like.

Rex: (to Noah) Didn't expect to see you here. You're like the only part of my life these guys don't control.

Noah: Sweet gym. Way better than our usual court.
Rex: Even have my own private locker room.
Bobo Haha: (Sound of a toilet flushing. Bobo exits the locker room) Wouldn't go in there if I was you.
Rex: Used to.

Noah: (to Six on Rex's cellphone) White promised I'd be safe. This isn't safe!
Rex: Wait. You know White?

Doctor Holiday: Still no powers? what triggered it this time?
Rex: If I had to guess, I would say, was finding out my best friend is a spy working for White
Doctor Holiday: Rex, I had no idea...
Rex: Hey, well... at least I know that this jerk isn't really my friend...
Doctor Holiday: Don't be so sure, Providence can force people to make some very... painful compromises. But that's White's fault, not Noah's.

Rex: All right. I saved you. Now I never want to see you again. You hear me? We're through!
Noah: Rex, I'm sorry. You may not believe it, but it's true. And if surviving this together doesn't prove our friendship, I don't know what will.

Doctor Holiday: (as Rex is about to kill an Evo) Rex, stop!
Rex: Give me one good reason.
Doctor Holiday: Because Rex... that's my sister.
Rex: ...Can I help?
Doctor Holiday: Sh-she's an incurable.

White Knight: Listen to me Rex, if I find out you caused any of this...
Rex: I know about Noah! And if you ever try anything like that again, I'm coming after you, White! You won't be safe in that office of yours.

Rex: This was not a fun day, but... you know, my problem's with White, not you.
Noah: That mean you're not going back?
Rex: I don't know, maybe. Holiday says in this line of work, we have to do things we don't like.
Noah: (Some Providence choppers approach) Well you - better make up your mind.
Rex: Don't worry. (Rex flies off) I'll see you around. Providence can wait.

The Architect

Rex: I build machines, and cure Evos. The only one in the world who can. Just one cure for that kind of pressure - road trip. But that doesn't mean vacation.

Jacob: You can control your nanites?
Rex: People usually start with "thanks," but yeah.

Rex: And nobody knows you're out here? Not even Providence?
Jacob: Especially not providence.

Rex: (Speaking sarcastically of the Architect) Wow. Friendly.
Jacob: I like to think he's smiling on the inside.
Rex: Yeah. I know a guy like that.

Rex: Amazing what a little gratitude will get you. At Providence, they'd just be yelling at me. You know, I never really felt like I belonged there. Here it's way different.
Jacob: I know the feeling. The Architect has made all this possible for us. We have a community - a family... Thanks to him. The work we do is in part to pay him back.

Rex: It's really cool to use my powers to build something, instead of just pounding Evos. Oh, check it out. Even the boss is pitching in.
(everyone looks at the Architect doing some work)
Rex: And that's strange because -?
Jacob: Because in all these years, we've never seen him lift a finger.

Rex: Why do you have to kill everyone? Can you just... leave us alone?
Zag RS: Alone is exactly what I want, Rex.
Rex: That kind of alone... it sucks.

Rex: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Mmm. Isn't this great.
Agent Six: ...It's a little dry.
Rex: Mmm. Lump-to-mash ratio is a bit off.
Bobo Haha: You know what? Maybe I'll run away too. Go somewhere where my cooking is appreciated. (Bobo leaves)
Agent Six: We have to do this every Friday?


Agent Six: Rex. You need to listen to the doctor.
Rex: Huh?
Agent Six: This mission is revised. I need you back at Headquarters. Now!
Rex: Do you really want a super-sized pigeon flying loose over lower Manhattan. You need me and I handle it.
Agent Six: Not your call.

Rex: (as he's flying over the Pack in an Arctic storm) Like you're really going to find me when you can't see 2 feet in front of your face... Huh? (Flies into some of Skalamander's shards and crashes) Rex: Guess that visibility thing works both ways.

Rex: (To Weaver) So, thanks to you, all this time I've been supplying nanites to Van Kleiss!

Rex: Can't you believe you let these scags get the drop on you.
Agent Six: They tried. It didn't turn out so well. Just haven't found a way to fight xenoflourine gas... yet.

Rex: What do you say guy? Common enemy? Little help?
Biowulf: Good luck.(Biowulf and Skalamander run off)
Rex: Right. What was I thinking?

Agent Six: You can't possibly absorb all those nanites! You'd overload in an instant.
Rex: In case you haven't noticed, I have this problem with authority.

Rex: (as Rex is absorbing nanites) Six wait! I can hear them!
Doctor Holiday: (Watching from the ship) What are you waiting for, Six? Take the shot!
Rex: (Speaking mechanically) Build protocol enabled. Command error detected. Abort. Abort. Stand by engaged. (Rex falls. His voice reverts to normal) Take the shot.

Agent Six: He told me he could hear them.
Doctor Holiday: I picked this up during the offload... It's Nanite. I'm sure of it.
Agent Six: Seems there are more secrets inside that kid than we realized.

Leader of the Pack

Agent Six: We're on it! Be prepared for an attack scenario Delta 9.
Rex: Delta 9? I didn't even know there was a Delta 1.
Agent Six: Study the manual.
Rex: There's a manual?

Agent Six: Rex, we're ordered to stand down! Van Kleiss isn't to be touched.
Rex: Oh I won't lay a finger on him. (Changes his arm into a sword)

Rex: Introducing Van Kleiss. Just your everyday murdering psycho evo!
Van Kleiss: Unlike Providence, we're not here to promote violence.
Rex: (Sarcastically) Oh yeah. Right!

White Knight: Until he pulls something, you can't touch him!
Rex: So we're just going to sit here and do laundry until he leaves?
White Knight: Six and Holiday are going to a party at the Abysus consulate. If Van Kleiss wants to flaunt his immunity then we'll take advantage of it. :(an envelope appears, and Rex grabs it)
Rex: This is addressed to me!
White Knight: We need precision, not a blunt instrument. I'll reference this morning as a prime example.

Doctor Holiday: (as Rex starts his search for Circe) Rex. (Holiday sighs)... Be careful.
Rex: No need to be jealous, doc. I'll be fine.

Rex: (about to touch the elevator) I'll pry it open! (the door opens before he touches it) Huh?
Bobo Haha: (Rex notices Bobo by the elevator buttons) Funny how that works.

Rex: (Angrily) Thanks for nearly bashing my head in there. And what's with the "knocking-me-out" thing?
Circe: We just needed to keep you out of the way until all of this was over.
Rex: This? He could destroy the whole city!
Circe: He's trying to negotiate peace from a position of strength.
Rex: (Sarcastically) Oh yeah, all of this nanite power is just screaming peace.
Circe: His methods may be... aggressive, but he's here to save us...and you. (Whispers in Rex's ear) Come on, Rex, jump in with us. The water's fine.
Rex: I'll think about it... after I stop Van Kleiss.
Circe: (Disappointed) It's too late for that now, Rex. (Disappears through a red-colored portal into Abysus)

Rex: I'm not letting you hurt anyone, Van Kleiss!
Van Kleiss: I don't intend to - as long as they do everything I ask. To start, I'll require all nations to submit to my authority.
Rex: (to the UN) I'm guessing this blows his diplomatic immunity? (the UN assembly nods in agreement) Cool beard.

Van Kleiss: Right under your noses. My lifeblood was being spread beneath your feet. Enough to crush a dozen Rexes.
Rex: You're gonna have to finish this one first!

Van Kleiss: You've made things very difficult for me, Rex. Delaying this will only result in more suffering.
Rex: Mine or yours?

Van Kleiss: I have to admit, Rex. You have me a bit stumped on this one. Taking out your frustrations on a wall?
Rex: It's not the wall. It's what's on the other side.
Van Kleiss: (Realizes what Rex is doing) NO!

Rex: I won!
Van Kleiss: It seems you have... Your parents would have been so proud. I've never had a chance to tell you about them, have I? (an E.V.O. bug appears and carries Van Kleiss away) Perhaps another time.

Rex: At least now the world knows what a psycho he is. Next time he even thinks about coming back, no immunity!

Bobo Haha: Some knucklehead punched a hole in the East River. Need someone to plug it up.
Rex: I'll take a shortcut. (Rex dives into the river)
Agent Six: Were those my pants?

Breach (episode)

Rex: .... Anyone here? (Rex spots a broken manikin that's missing an arm and an eye and freezes) ... Anyone with a pulse?..... Man, that's creepy.

Rex : (a person disappears after being cured) Okay, what just happened?
Little Girl: That one was broken. And she always gets rid of the broken ones.
(back in the place of Breach's custody)
Breach:I don't want it, no good, no good.

Rex: Just like summer camp, huh?

Rex: It looks like you're the most popular kid in the town! You do know how to laugh, right?
(the blonde girl stays quiet) Creepy...

Doctor Holiday: Rex! You've figured it out!
Rex: Yes, I know, I'm a genius. Wait... what did I figure out?
Doctor Holiday: What Greenville is! Breach's personal doll-house... and you're her newest doll.
Rex: OK, can we at least say action figure?

Doctor Holiday: (to Breach) If getting Rex back means I have to tear you apart molecule-by-molecule, fine! Prep the next sequence of probes, 12 per minute.
Rex: I'd really like to get out of here, Doc.
Doctor Holiday: I'm not going to let anything happen to you, Rex. I promise.

Rex: Maybe when she sucked up Greenville, she never spit it out.
Doctor Holiday: Separate dimension only she can access. YOU have him, don't you?
Breach: Mmm, he's my new favorite. Shiny shiny.
Doctor Holiday: Did you hear that, Rex?
Rex: Sweet. I always wanted to be some psycho girl's favorite toy.
Little Girl: I'm her favorite! You take that back!

(the blonde girl reveals her E.V.O. form)
Rex: E.V.O.! I knew it! No wonder you didn't laugh at my jokes... Oh, wow, you're less more adorable now.

Rex: (to Doctor Holiday) Doc, I think I just found Breach's interior decorator!

Doctor Holiday: Rex, what's going on?
Rex: I think I'm being promoted to BFF. And let's just say this little girl isn't made of sugar or spice. I'm going to cure her.

Rex: (as Holiday hugs him) Huh? I should get kidnapped more often.

Bobo Haha: So, how'd it feel in there?
Rex: I don't know. Empty, I guess. I've never felt so completely alone. She had a lot of things, but things can't make up for people.
Bobo Haha: You're not feeling sorry for her?
Rex: No way! It just makes me glad to have what I have.

Dark Passage

White Knight: Our most recent E.V.O. event is not an isolated incident. Similar outbreaks have been reported over the last 24 hours - all linked to these mysterious - gifts. Sent to each of the victims.
Rex: Talk about your sucky presents - like socks for Christmas.

Rex: You're a monkey. It's the jungle.
Bobo Haha: Let me tell you something chief. The jungle is a cool mistress. One day you're on the top of banana pile - next day you're a pile of peels rotting on the Sun. She will chew you up and spit you up. Never forget that! NEVER FORGET!

Rex: (Preparing to cut through some vines) I've got this. You protect Holiday.
Doctor Holiday: (Holiday cuts through the vines) Worry about yourself!

Doctor Holiday: You okay?
Rex: (Rex grunts) Hey, you know me. A day without getting blown up is like a day without sunshine.

Gabriel Rylander: (From behind Rex with a gun) Don't move or I'll drop you... Rex? Is - is that you?
(Hugs Rex)
Rex: You... know my name?
Dr. Gabriel Rylander: Of course I do. I gave it to you!

Rex: Dad?
Dr. Gabriel Rylander: You've lost your memory, haven't you? Not surprising considering what you've been through. Oh yes, well, sorry to disappoint you, Rex. Uh, I'm afraid I'm not who you want me to be.
Rex: Oh, okay. So if you're not my dad, do you know where he is? (Dr. Rylander shakes his head) Ah well, Rex Rylander's a goofy name anyway.

Dr. Gabriel Rylander: You're living proof that we were doing the right thing.
Rex: By turning into an E.V.O.?!
Dr. Gabriel Rylander: You had an accident. The nanites were your only hope. It was a tremendous gamble. The... unexpected side affect came later. It was a surprise to us all. (Chuckles) The look on your brother's face.
Rex: Brother?
Dr. Gabriel Rylander: When the Event occurred, it was your powers that saved you both. Most of the others, they weren't so lucky.

Doctor Holiday: All of this for nothing. I'm sorry, Rex.
Rex: It wasn't for nothing, doc. I've got a brother -out there- somewhere. I'm not alone anymore. Finally, I've started to get some real answers. I feel closer to the truth than ever.

The Forgotten

Rex: Why didn't you just send me for this thing? Aren't I supposed to be your secret weapon?
White Knight: Because some missions, Rex. Require a little sensitivity.
Rex: I got that. Tons of it. Ask anyone.
Bobo Haha: You bash things with giant mechanical fists. That sound sensitive to you?

Rex: So their genius solution was to cut them off from the rest of the world? Harsh!
Doctor Holiday: Those were chaotic times, Rex. It was before Providence. Before you.

Rex: White didn't authorize this, did he?... Huh? We're talking pretty big risk factor here, Doc. I thinking it's worth at least, say - dinner?
Doctor Holiday: Dinner? Right. Just you and me.
Rex: Yes!

Agent Six: Prepare yourself. Death is never pretty.
Rex: But what if they're alive?
White Knight: All other priorities are secondary!
Rex: You could at least pretend like it's a tough choice.
Agent Six: Every choice has its cost, kid.

Bobo Haha: No holes in this bug jar.
Rex: We can make one with your torpedo thingy.
Bobo Haha: Oh. (Groans)
Rex: You didn't?... We only had one shot. Bobo!
Bobo Haha: Hey, that's what happens when you save the monkey last.

Providence Tech: (On the radio) Providence Base. Identify yourself.
Rex: Send a ship. We're still alive.
Providence Tech: Identify yourself! This is a restricted channel.
Rex: And I'm about to tell you where you can stick...
Doctor Holiday: (Shoving the tech aside) Rex? Is that you? Are you -?
Rex: No time! Need pick up! NOW!

NoFace: (while pinning Rex to the wall) You are not the before.
Rex: Um, I'm not sure that was a complete sentence.
NoFace: (Looking at the Providence Agents) They are the before. The before forgot us. The before left us here. Left us in pain. You are one of us yet you work for them and wear their trinkets! (He examines the sample around Rex's neck.)

NoFace: They come for you, and I get my sky-ship...
Rex: a bold fashion statement. Wanna see my fanny pack too?!

Rex: C'mon, Let me hear you say!
Beasly and Wade: (Sigh)
Captain Callan: Nicely done Rex!

White Knight: Listen carefully, Special Agent Rex! Soldiers are replaceable.d Even they know that. You had specific orders!
Rex: Whoa! Whoa! Hold on there, chief. I said *I* didn't have it.
(Rex steps aside. Pilot steps forward and puts the data rod in White's receiver)
Beasly: Mission accomplished - sir!

Doctor Holiday: You did well, Rex. Just one thing: you got my samples, right?
Rex: I got your fanny pack.
Doctor Holiday: Oh well, I'm sure you tried.
Rex: But - but - I got the data rod and the men. Isn't that worth something?
Doctor Holiday: It's worth everything, Rex. (Holiday hugs Rex) Just not dinner. (She leaves)

Operation: Wingman

Rex: Am I in the right place?, All I see is a rabbit.

Rex: (Chuckling) A cutesy little wabbit? I mean, come on, you couldn't handle this yourself? They nibble grass, and wiggle their noses. I'm mean their harmless. No, more than harmless, They're stupid mindless rodents. (the killer E.V.O. bunny roars) What'd I say? WHAT'D I SAY?

Rex: Whoa. I'm save-the-world-from-E.V.O.s guy. Not go-on-pity-dates guy. It's bad enough I've still got death bunny after me.
Noah: Bunny?
Rex: Hey, this is serious. It sneaked up on you when you least expect it, okay? I mean look at me.
Noah: You'd rather hid from a bunny than go out with a girl?

White Knight: What I don't understand is how you got that E.V.O. so mad at you in the first place. You know what? It doesn't matter. Go back out there and wait for it to find you. Cure it, kill it or cook it. Just get rid of the thing!
Rex: All right fine. I'll go first thing tomorrow morning. Tonight, I've got to go to Prom.
White Knight: ...I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. You have your orders.

Doctor Holiday: Rex, this night's going to a special night for her. Be nice to the girl. She's lucky you know. Nobody asked me to Prom.
Rex: (Quietly to himself) Hmm... The pretty one don't get asked out. So, Holiday, you're not jealous I'm going out with another woman? (Holiday laughs and leaves) Oh yeah, she's jealous.

Noah: Wow. That is green.
Rex: Not a lot of choices when you shopping in Six's closet, OK?

Noah: (Smacking Rex's hand) Don't ring again!
Rex: What if they didn't hear it?
Noah: Of course they heard it! We heard it!
Rex: Oh, ok, so because we heard it, they must have heard? What if they didn't? Then we will be here all night! I'm just saying.
Noah: I'm gonna kill you! I'm just saying.
Rex: Promise me I won't be buried in this tux! I'm just saying!

Noah: Oh, there's something you should know about Annie.
Rex: Huh? She kills her dates?... Oh you've got to be kidding me!
Noah: Every guy who's gone out with her has ended up in the hospital or worse. They call her the "Blonde Widow."
Rex: Huh? Yeah, well that makes sense. No wonder she was dateless.
Noah: You are the only guy I know in the whole world with the power to survive her. But if you don't think you can handle this, I'll - understand.

Rex: So...
Annie: Do you have a girlfriend?
Rex:'s...complicated. She's in league with an evil dictator who wants me dead.
Annie:Yeah, my dad is weird about me dating too.

Rex: (after the restaurant's been destroyed) What - what happened?
Noah: Annie sneezed. Long story.

Rex: (about Annie) And I though Van Kleiss was bad news.

Rex: I promised Noah a great Prom. We are going to the Prom! Step on it, Bobo! Run every light if you have to. Pretend you don't have a driver's license!
Bobo Haha: What's a driver's license? (Bobo laughs)

Rex: Thanks for the cover, Bobo.
Bobo Haha: Wasn't me. I'm driving
Rex: Then who?
Annie: (Cutting to Annie) LEAVE MY DATE ALONE! (blast another)
Rex: I'm going to die on Prom Night. I'm actually going to - wait a minute! Annie, I changed my mind. Use the missile launcher!

Rex: This is worse than it look, okay?

Rex: Oh, come on. You gotta be kidding me! Can this thing wait till monday?

Rex: Here bunny, bunny, bunny!

Rex: Okay, fine. It's not gonna be a punch and run!

Noah: But she's cute.
Rex: Yeah, she's cute. But I barely survived the first date. Second date, I would definitely die. - But she is cute.
Noah: Atta boy.


Agent Six: No, you just have to live. Life is full of unknowns Rex, it will happen when it happens. And when it does we'll still be here.
Rex Salazar: Wow, real paper, that's kind of old school Six.
Agent Six: That's just how I roll.

Tuck: Rex?
Rex: Do I know you?
Tuck: It's me. Tuck. I used to be your best friend, remember? You were one of us. Welcome home.

Rex: I want to go undercover.
Agent Six: It's not undercover if they know who you are, Rex.
Rex: You know what I mean. A solo mission. Turn off the heat, and let me track these guys down.
White Knight: A surprisingly good tactical call, given its source.
Rex: Wait! Did we jsut agree on something?
Rex: Look, you seem like perfect nice... criminals. But I'm having a hard time buying that I would hang out with you.
Cricket: You didn't just "hang out," you were our leader.

Tuck: You kept a journal. Uploaded everything. That way, when sooner or later, you'd blank out, at least you'd know who you are or used to be.
Rex: How many times have I -?
Tuck: Lost it? Never with us. But before... I think it was a lot.

Rex: Look, I may not remember how I got out of this life. But I did. And you can too. Starting right now. It'll be fine. I promise... They don't look convinced.
Tuck: You made a promise like that once before.

Quarry: You can lose the attitude, REx. You gave this to me. After all, you were my top lieutenant. (Quarry plays part of Rex's journal)
Rex: (on the screen) Adios freeloaders. Finally convinced Quarry to take these leeches off my hands. He gets some new lapdogs. I get to walk away.

Rex: You're not taking them anywhere!
Tuck: You're right. He's not. We're going willingly. At least we know who he is.
Quarry: Leave the sewers to us rats. You go back to Providence. It was good to see you again, Rex.

Quarry: Come on, Rex. (Quarry holds up Rex's journal) We both know this is what you really want. So go ahead take it. Walk away. Show them who you really are. You were always very good at taking care of yourself. Why should now be any different?
Rex: (Rex cuts the journal) Whoever I was back then, is not who I am now - not anymore!

Skwydd: I hope you don't expect us to thank you.
Rex: No. Just don't blow this. Providence won't be a problem, unless you do something stupid.
Cricket: We'll be fine. Thank you, Rex.
Quarry: Don't forget us, okay?
Rex: That may be a promise I can't keep.

Rex: It's going to happen again, isn't it?
Doctor Holiday: I don't know, Rex. It's likely triggered by a specific event - something traumatic.
Rex: So I just have to wait.
Agent Six: No. You just have to live. Life's full of unknowns, Rex. It'll happen when it happens, and when it does. We'll still be here.
Rex: Yeah, and I'll have no idea who you are. Who I am. I won't remember. Things like Holiday wears red shoes on Fridays, or you always keep one of those weird tasting mints in your right hand side pocket.
Agent Six: (Pulling out a notebook) That's why we got you this - it's a journal.

Rex: I don't know how much of my past I want to remember now. But this life, here... it's pretty good. Thanks.

The Hunter

Rex: see there? nothing to worry about. yer' ol' pal Rex makes your street safe. Ah, curing E.V.O.s? Saving cute puppies? ehm...

Agent Six: I've got the pincers. Now flip the switch on its nanites.
Rex: Uh, don't exactly have the best track record with non-humans.
Agent Six: You afraid to try?

Rex: What's you damage, man? I was this close to curing that thing!
Hunter Cain: Didn't look that way to me, filthy evo!
Rex: "Filthy E.V.O?"
Hunter Cain: Give me a reason. Just one.

Hunter Cain: Look around, these are our homes. What's left of them. Your job is making our lives worse (the crowd cheers). These people have had enough.
Rex: What are you talking about? We're here to help!
Hunter Cain: Do these people look like they want your kind of help?

Hunter Cain: I have nothing to tell you.
Rex: then just listen, you hate E.V.O.s I get it, a lot of them are really bad news. But I'm not. People need to know the truth, I don't wanna hurt anyone (Hunter Cain smirks sarcastically).
Rex: what have I ever done to you?
Hunter Cain: you are infected.
Rex: we're all infected! every one of us, even you.
Hunter Cain: PROVIDENCE lies.
Rex: that's just... argh! you are a moron!

Doctor Holiday: (as Holiday is treating Rex) Some people have just too much hate in them to see things any other way. Hold still.
Rex: Ow!
Bobo Haha: Don't sweat it kid. Humans are idiots. End of story.
Rex: Not all of them. But anyone who would believe that guy has to say... makes you wonder.

Hunter Cain: (On television) We need to protect ourselves from this "Rex" and every other sicko like him. People should draw their own conclusions.
Rex: (to the television while fighting an E.V.O.) Arrgh! Here's my conclsion. YOU'RE A LYING WHACK JOB!
Bobo Haha: You know he can't hear you, right? Now can we finish this?

Rex: They don't want my help? Fine! No more flying to the rescue. No more turning giant blob back into mailmen.
Bobo Haha: Works for me.
Doctor Holiday: But the people who really do need you, they're the ones who'll really suffer.
Bobo Haha: Ah details.

Rex: They don't think I'm any different than those things down in the Petting Zoo. Why should I care?
Doctor Holiday: Because someone has to! Most people have given up hope, Rex. Since you came here, that's changing. Don't let one man's anger get in the way.
Rex: That's the problem, Doc. It isn't just one man. I walk down the street and everyone looks at me like I'm going to turn them into some monster. Forget it!... I'm through.

Agent Six: Glad you could make it.
Rex: Tired of seeing someone else do my job... Poorly, I might add.

Hunter Cain: Can't you just die already?
Rex: I don't do dying.

Rex: You're done. I just want to know why.
Hunter Cain: You push hope where there isn't any. There's no saving E.V.O.s There can't be! You're a sickness. And you need to be destroyed.

Hunter Cain: Well, what are you waiting for? Show everyone who you really are?
Rex: I will. I don't care what you think about me. I don't care what anyone thinks. Not anymore. The people want to hate me? I can't stop them. But it's not going to stop me from doing my job! You want to know why?... Because I'm awesome.

Rex: Well, a few people get it. It's a start.
Bobo Haha: What can I say that I haven't said already? Humans are idiots, but every once in a while, they get it right.


Bobo Haha: If this works, you may be out of a job.
Rex: You see me complaining? If Providence wants to arm soldiers with reprogrammed nanites that cure E.V.O.s, that's fine by me. I'll finally have my weekends free.

Rex: Doc, you remember that psycho computer program that was gonna destroy the world. She's back.
Zag RS: I prefer "artificial intelligence." And I don't want to destroy the world, just all the nanites in it. Admitedly, every creature infested with them will die.
Bobo Haha: Hey, I resemble that remark!
Rex: Didn't happen last time. Not gonna happen now, Zag!
Doctor Holiday: Actually, Rex, if it gets this program in its current state, that's exactly what's going to happen.

Agent Six: Providence to station: status.
Doctor Holiday: Bouvier decided to leave early. I'm going to jettison the power core. We'll lose - well, pretty much everything.
Rex: But you'll get the station back on track, right, doc?
Doctor Holiday: We can always hope, Rex.

Comm Tech: We could try the space elevator.
Rex: Perfect! Put me on it and I can fix the station!
White Knight: It's only for cargo. The G Forces alone would kill a person.
Rex: Uh, hello? Have we met? Not exactly a normal person here.
White Knight: We can't afford to lose you too, Rex.
Rex: No one's losing anyone! Come on, Knight. Have I ever made it *not* work?

Agent Six: (Rex is on the space elevator) How's it going?
Rex: (Straining) Oh great! Thanks for asking.
Agent Six: Good. Because we need to speed you up to meet the rendevous.
Rex: But - (Elevator accelerates)

Agent Six: Rex, they made a slight miscalculation in the rate of the station's orbital decay.
Rex: Uh huh. Define "slight." (Rex spots the station falling towards him)

Doctor Holiday: (Opening the door) Rex? (Holiday hugs Rex, he blushes) What do you -? How did you -?
Rex: Space elevator. Can you believe it?
Pete Volkov: The impact a few minutes ago.
Rex: Oh yeah. Let's just say down is no longer an option.

Doctor Holiday: Look Volkov, Rex may not look like much, but having him here, he may actually save us.
Rex: Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Doctor Holiday: (Holiday leads Rex away. Quietly to Rex) If you blow this, we're dead. Got it?

Rex: (as Rex is space walking) Pretty incredible up here, isn't it guys?
Pete Volkov: Aside from the imminent doom, yes. Awe inspiring.

Pete Volkov: Are you sure you know what you're doing?
Rex: Not a clue.

Pete Volkov: (to Holiday) Why worry about hitting the atmosphere? These two will get us first.
Rex: Hey! Trying to stop a killer robot here. "Thanks" or "Keep it up" would do fine.

Doctor Holiday: Rex, come on!
Rex: Can't... do it. I'm spent. Go. Launch while you can.
Doctor Holiday: Not til you're in here!
Rex: You've got the nanite. If anyone can figure out how to make them work, it's you. You wouldn't even need me anymore. I'll hold her off.
Rex: (Rex grunts) LAUNCH!
Doctor Holiday: (Holiday throws the nanites at Zag RS. Then Holiday runs up to Rex) Rex, you never gave up on us. We're not giving up on you. Now get in here so we can go home!

What Lies Beneath

Circe: Things in Abysus, they're bad, Rex. I need your help.
Rex: Uh, yeah. How do I put this nicely? Not a chance! You made your choice, Circe. I made mine - end of story!
Circe: Please Rex. I know you're mad at me but this is a matter of life of death.

Rex: I got a call from Circe. Something's wrong in Abysus. I just wanted to fly over and take a look.
Agent Six: And you didn't tell me why?
Rex: 'Cause you would've used words like "unauthorized" and "no." I'm gonna find a way there whether you want me to or not.
Agent Six: Doesn't leave me much choices does it?... Meet back here in one hour.

Rex: (about an E.V.O.) Now that's a face only a chainsaw could love.

Doctor Holiday: Rex, no! Don't cure it! Its nanites could be corrupt like the ones we found earlier. There's no telling what they could do to you.
Rex: Doc, seriously. You worry too much. (the E.V.O. mutates even more) Uh, never mind.

Doctor Holiday: (about Circe) She's very pretty.
Rex: She works for Van Kleiss. She's the enemy.
Doctor Holiday: But you still like her, don't you?
Rex: I'm not talking about this!

Rex: This wasn't about you needing me. This was about you needing Van Kleiss!
Circe I need you both.
Rex: No! You don't understand. Van Kleiss is gone and I intend to keep it that way!

Doctor Holiday: This isn't about blame, Rex. If Van Kleiss's system can actually handle these unstable nanites, he could be the only one who could reign them in.
Rex: I'm not bringing him back. Not now, not ever! Besides you don't need Van Kleiss, you have me. Why not go straight to the source? (Rex prepares to cure the unstable nanites)
Doctor Holiday: REX NO!

Rex: Are you kidding me? I brought you back. What more do you want?
Van Kleiss: (Chuckles) You know exactly what I want. It's simple really: join us and everyone you care about lives. Refuse, and they die!
Rex: Fine! Now help them!

Rex: A deal's a deal.
Agent Six: What deal?
Doctor Holiday: What's he talking about?
Rex: It was the only way to save you.
Van Kleiss: Welcome home. (Offers his hand)
Agent Six: Rex, don't do it!
Doctor Holiday: We'll find another way!

Van Kleiss: This... is impossible. I was uncureable!
Rex: That's right was. I noticed something when I was plugged into that machine of yours. You were coming back, but as Van Kleiss-lite.

Rex: Stay with us Circe. Van Kleiss is done.
Circe: As much as I care about you, Rex. Van Kleiss and the Pack are my family. They took me in when nobody else would. I can't abandon them.
Rex: So that's it? We're always going to be on opposite sides then.
Circe: It does keep it interesting.

Doctor Holiday: You okay?
Rex: No offense, Doc. But I totally do not get women.
Doctor Holiday: One day you will.
Agent Six: I still don't have a clue.

The Swarm

Rex: And what are we doing in the middle of nowhere?
Doctor Holiday: Weren't you in the briefing?
Rex: I thought "Chinese Hotspot" meant we were getting take-out.

Doctor Holiday: You're going down there? I'm all for physical force when necessary but I recommend...
Rex: We'll be fine. We're professional.

Rex: I make metal. They eat metal. Should we have put this together sooner? (an insect attempts to shoot a substance at Rex) And now you're spitting on me.

Doctor Holiday: I just need a sample. The creatures seem to use it tag objects with high metal content.
Rex: Get 'em from your stinky friend.
Doctor Holiday: It breaks down too quickly. It has to be extracted from a living specimen. I just need someone to go into the nest and (Bobo and Six walk away. Rex sighs and Holiday leads him away)
Bobo Haha: There's your biological response right there.

Rex: I gotta get up there. (Realizes he's naked. Rex gasps) Uh, where are my clothes?
Doctor Holiday: Sorry. I had to quarantine them. There's still a chance I can salvage some of the pheromone compound they sprayed on you.
Rex: Wait! You mean you saw me...?
Doctor Holiday: (Holiday scoffs) Please I'm a doctor (start walking away, then turns to face Rex again)... Motorcycles, huh?
Rex: Arghh...(slips back under the blankets)

Rex: I'm going to go out on a limb here. I think we made it worse.
White Knight: It seems we'll have to implement the fallback plan.
Doctor Holiday: (Holiday hits the screen and grunts) So blindly charging forward didn't work. (Sarcastically) I'm shocked.
Agent Six: Doctor, we could use your help.
Doctor Holiday: Now you want to listen to me. I've got work to do.

Captain Callan: We're getting eaten alive.
Rex: In my case, not a figure of speech.

Agent Six: The swarm covers over half the province. Even our fastest jets can't fly around.
Doctor Holiday: The we go over. Rex, load up.
Rex: Me? Put it in a missile or something?
Doctor Holiday: This substance is proximity based. I need your accuracy.

Rex: Any last minute instructions?
Doctor Holiday: Try not to die this time.

Bobo Haha: That's one more for me.
Rex: Yeah? Well, I got the rest them.

Rex: Why is my underwear on TV? (Holiday and Six turn around. To Bobo) Sources? This wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that I stomped more bugs than you, would it?
Bobo Haha: Heh. What do you think?
Rex: I think I'm going back to bed now.


Noah: And shouldn't you be in a hurry?
Rex: Relax. It's only a level 2. (the E.V.O. appears) Oh wait. That's right. The lower the number, the worse the threat. You know, they really should change that.

Lecturer: Another excellent combat example...
Rex: Hey! They're studying me.
Lecturer: Of how a Providence Fire team can overcome the tactical defencies of this particular agent.
Noah: Very Educational!

Kenwyn Jones: My fault. I - I messed with the collar. I...
Rex: Forget about it. Sometimes when you want to be number one bad enough, it can make your brain stop working.

DI Hutton: And here I was thinking I had misjudged you.
Rex: Really? Think I could hack it here?
DI Hutton: Not a chance. (to Noah) You, maybe. Now both of you, hit the steps... And keep up the good work.

Rex: You know, this has actually made me appreciate all the stuff the grunts do.
Noah: Yeah?
Rex: And it also made me appreciate how I will never do anything like this again.
Noah: I don't know. I think maybe someday... I might.


White Knight: Dr. Holiday has managed to keep herself awake using electric neural stimulation. E.V.O.s seemed to be immune to the plague. Which leaves us with only one agent left to deal with this mess.
Rex: (Grunts) This is gonna be a... long day.

Doctor Holiday: I-I don't have a clue about this thing. (Holiday gets shocked) And these shocks won't keep me awake forever.
White Knight: All the reason not to waste any more time!
Rex: She's not wasting time!
Doctor Holiday: No, he's right. We've got 60 hours at best before people start dying of thirst.

White Knight: (after Holiday passes out) That's great. She couldn't stay awake an hour or two more?
Rex: At least she was working on the problem.
White Knight: She's doing her job. Which is what I expect from both of you. Where are you going?
Rex: To Follow Doc's plan. (the door closes) You can stay there and decide if you're good for anything besides yelling at people.

White Knight: If you can't handle this...
Rex: What are you going to do? Shuffle some papers at me? I'm all you've got. So back off!
(Ends the transmission)
White Knight: You are not that special kid. And there is way too much at stake now. White Knight protocol code designation Iron Mace Alpha. Commence systems check. Confirm nanite shieding integrity.

Rex: I can't - I can't do this by myself any more.
'White Knight: (Arriving) You don't have to.

Rex: White Knight out of the office? This really is the end of the world.
White Knight: I'm trying to prevent that.

Rex: (about Knight's armored suit) That wasn't built to fight E.V.O.-s. That was built to fight me!
White Knight: It's for our protection.
Rex: Well, let's see how well it works.

Rex: You've never trusted me.
White Knight: I don't trust anything with nanites.
White Knight: Everything but me.

Rex: Well, here's the update, Knight. Everybody on the planet has nanites. Everybody but you. That makes me normal. YOU'RE the freak.

Rex: (From inside Patient Zero) What's going on out there? You have to keep it still.
White Knight: Right. Next time, I'll let it kill me.

Doctor Holiday: You got him in time. Still 100% nanite free. I'm surprised you saved him.
Rex: In a weird way, White Knight and I are sort of alike. We're both one-of-a-kind. And that's worth something.
Doctor Holiday: I'm proud of you, Rex. Not just for this, but figuring everything out.

Promises, Promises

Rex: (after Rex smashes the Pinata) Sorry, Doc. It was taking too long. It was either that or throw some of your cake at it.

Agent Six: It was an odd choice to pick today to be his birthday.
Doctor Holiday: It is his anniversary of his new life here. He deserves a celebration. He's changed everything.
Rex: (Goes between them and put a party hat on top of Six's head) Wo-hoo!! (Blows his toy horn and goes away)
Agent Six: (Uses his hat to stir his punch) Has he?

Rex: Help!
(Six finds Rex)
Rex: Has vista mi bicicleta?

Rex: (walks by the sneaking Six) Is that sword for real? are you an ninja? I was speaking Spanish! Is this Mexico?! Why we are sneaking around?! (Six covers his mouth). Dude, your hand smells like a monkey's breath.

Rex: I'm joking. 'Cause if I don't, I'm gonna remember how scared I am right now. (looking at Six) Actually except for my name, that's all I do remember.
Agent Six: No family?
(Rex shakes his head)
Agent Six: An address?
(Rex shakes his head again)
Agent Six: A grandmother where I can dump you?
Rex: Nothing. Except waking up and seeing your face. Not exactly the angel I was hoping for.

Rex: (After curing an E.V.O.) Great! I probably got rabies! (Notices Six staring at him) What?

Rex: (Doctor Holiday tends Rex's arm) Ouch! Ah! Let me see your medical license.
Doctor Holiday: Six, we have nurses who could have easily handled this.
(Six brings out an E.V.O.)
Doctor Holiday: What are you doing? That E.V.O's scheduled for processing.
Agent Six: Show her. (Rex cures the E.V.O.) We found it, doctor - the third alternative.
Doctor Holiday: What is he? - How...?
Agent Six: Meet Rex - the cure.

Agent Six: Why did you let him out?
Rex: He asked me to. I don't know if you guys are aware of this, but that monkey talks!

Rex:(Turning off the device with his Nanites) Impossible? Psh! Right.
Doctor Holiday: How did you...?
Rex: Wanted to turn it off and it did. Wait.(looks around) Where... where am I?

Rex: (about a tanto) Is that... writing?
Agent Six: Bushido symbol of loyalty. It means whether for good or ill, our fates will follow the same path. This one stays with me.
Rex: Think this thing can cut through Holiday's chocolate cake?
Agent Six: Anything's possible.


Agent Six: Except we're transporting unstable nanites. Which have to be kept at or below sea level. Even one wrong bump and the whole thing could go off.
Rex: And if it blows. You're in a battle transport, meanwhile we're stuck in this delivery truck carrying whatever. What are we carrying anyway?
Bobo Haha: Toilet paper.
Agent Six: Everyone has a part to play.
Rex: Seriously. Toilet paper?

Rex: You know what this means don't you?
Noah: We're lost.
Rex: No. It means no one is around to tell me I can't drive. Hand over the wheel Bobo.
Bobo Haha: You can't drive.

Noah: I think I know where we are.
Rex: Don't sweat it. Who's going to miss a truck full of toilet paper?
Bobo Haha: Hey! I've been there. Ain't pretty.

Rex: We don't need help. We're not lost. Men don't get lost. We go exploring.

Gatlocke: Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Gatlocke: anarchist, struggling businessman, scoundrel... Okay, that's a lie. I'm not 'struggling'... but, lemme ask you! Do you like rules?
Rex: Can't say I do.
Gatlocke: Me neither. I hate them. It's why me and my men live by the anarchist code. For us, there are no rules.
Minion: Excepts no cursing.
Gatlocke: (hits the minion) True! We're anarchists, not animals.

Gatlocke: You know what I'm talking about... I feel like we have a connection. We're practically friends! So, if you could do me a favor, it would help me out a lot.
Rex: What kind of favor?
Gatlocke: I need you to hand over the truck. I mean, I really need you to hand it over...! Now.

Gatlocke: (Pulls out a knife) Please don't play dumb with me.
Rex: Dumb? Oh I see, dumb is pulling a blade on me!
Gatlocke: Oooh, I like this kid! (Rex and his friends run away) I have a bad case of E.V.O. envy...”

Rex: We were carrying unstable nanites the whole time?
Bobo Haha: We should be fine as long as none of the warning lights are on.
Noah: You mean all the red blinking ones?
Bobo Haha: ...Oh boy!

Gatlocke: Just let me have 'em. I'll split the money with you down the middle: 50/40?
Rex: Wow, after all that, you're nothing but a common thief.
Gatlocke: Common? Common?! Tear open the truck!

Rex: (Holding up a can) Back off! Or I'll send us all to kingdom come!
Gatlocke: You wouldn't dare...
Rex: Or would I? You say we're a lot alike.
Gatlocke: You would...

Rex: Can you just shut up for longer than a second?
Gatlocke: ...How long was that?

Rex: There's a big difference between you and me.
Gatlocke: And that is?
Rex: You can't fly. (the truck goes over a cliff)


Rex: (Getting in the Pilot's seat) All right! Let's see what this baby can really do! (an alarm goes off) Wha? It wasn't me. Seriously!

Bobo Haha: (After firing a missile launcher) You see what you get? That's what happens when you interrupt my nap. BOBO GETS CRANKY! (Bobo presses his attack)
Rex: (to Noah) I learned that the hard way too.

Van Kleiss: You took something very precious from me, Rex. And now I'll be returning the favor.
Rex: If you want my monkey, you can forget it!
Van Kleiss: It might come as a surprise to you that when you stole the nanites that gave me my power, you left some of your own behind. Enough to tellme a few things about what makes you tick.

Bobo Haha: All right, where to?
Rex: South Pacific.
Bobo Haha: That's my boy! And here I thought you tried to pull some hero stuff.
(Slight pause. Bobo realizes where Rex wants to go) Oh brother!

Rex: Okay. Bobo set this thing to vent and go. If this doesn't work, I don't want you two getting caught in the blast.
Bobo Haha: Nope.
Noah: Forget it! Rex, at least think about this for a second. What if it wipes out your memory? What if it turns you into some kind of E.V.O. monster.
Rex: My friends need me. There's nothing more to think about. Bobo, do it!
Bobo Haha: Long odds pay big!

Rex: (to Van Kleiss) Here's a thought. When your top henchmen can't even get rid of someone by throwing him out of a moving plane, time to rethink the help.

Agent Six: (Rex is using new powers) This is an unexpected surprise.
Rex: Well, by now you should expect the unexpected from me, Six.

Doctor Holiday: As far as I can tell, you're back to your old self.
Rex: I don't know something feels different. That new build - I think I can do a lot more. It's like I can see the blueprints. I just need to figure out how to put it all together.

Doctor Holiday: White Knight in person. Never thought I'd see the day.
White Knight: Well don't get used to it. We found all the explosives. The base and the Keep will need extensive repairs. This was not our finest hour.
Rex: Whot are you talking about? We kicked butt! So what if Van Kleiss is back and more powerful than ever. So am I! If he wants to start a nanite war, let him bring it!
White Knight: (Laughs) It's good to have you back, Rex.
Doctor Holiday: You know, I think he actually means it.
Rex: Sure he does. So tell me something guys: what's next?

Season 2


Rex Salazar: I wish they'd hurry up and get the HQ rebuilt. You're not still living under your jumpjet like some ninja hobo, are you?
Agent Six: My temporary accommodations are perfectly adeqauate.
Rex: Yep. Still living in the jet. Ugh. I hate being kicked out of our home. Although as long as they're building stuff, I need a hot tub.

(Rex is eating popcorn lying on the couch watching a Spanish soap opera)
Noah: What are you watching?
Rex: Cultural enrichment. Later on we find out that Doctor Swores chooses Isabel or her evil half-sister Anna Maria.

Noah Nixon: If you're gonna stay with me while they're rebuilding Providence, at least don't flaunt the fact that you don't have a Pre-Calculus test in three days.
Rex: Pre-what?
Noah: Exactly my point. And when I agreed to this, I wasn't expecting the sidekick too.
Bobo Haha: Hey pally, we're a package deal. Live with it.

Rex: (about an E.V.O.) Did you see that mark? Van Kleiss made that one!
Rebecca Holiday: Why else do you think I've been trying to get a sample from it?
Rex: I don't know. Just being science-y?

Doctor Holiday: (after getting some samples from the E.V.O.) Got it. You can cure it now.
Rex: (the E.V.O.flails Rex around) Whoa!
Doctor Holiday: Unless you like getting thrown around like that.

Rex: I was wondering when you and your hair would show up again, Van Kleiss.
Van Kleiss: You would be wise to consider delaying your celebration for the moment, Rex. You're about to have your hands quite full.
Rex: Oh really? And how do you figure that?

Rex: Noah, if you can still understand me, when I said you should let things go, this isn't exactly what I had in mind.

Rex: It should be about balance. You know, take care of the important stuff, but leave a little room for fun. Right now, too much fun! Whoa! (Rex smashes in to a pole).
Rex: Everything's fine. Not a problem.
Agent Six: If you can't stop him, it's going to be.
Rex: You know Six, you really need to think positive.

Rex: I don't believe this. My best friend's an E.V.O. forever, and not even a cool E.V.O. He's the annoying break stuff kind. (Noah belches)
Rex: Ugh!
Doctor Holiday: Actually Rex, it might not be Noah. Your biometrics have flat-lined.
Rex: All that running around. He just wore me out. Did you hear that? It's me not you. Just give me a minute.

Rex: Do you remember anything?
Noah: It's all kind of hazy. I mostly remember a feeling of... fun. And I remember you punching me in the face.
Rex: Yeah, sorry about hat. Thought you were tyring to eat me.

Rex: I know I'm not supposed to be here. I don't care if it's a construction zone. I'm moving back!
Agent Six: It's all right. Turns out you're not the only one who feels that way. (Holiday waves at them from the Control Room)
Agent Six: You'll get used to the cold showers. Food - you're on your own.

Waste Land

Rex Salazar: This is going to be so great, Six. I've dreamed of being an undersea explorer for - I don't know, as long as I can remember.
Agent Six: You only remember the last 18 months.
Rex: I dream fast. Look, I don't know how many times my brain's been rebooted. But for now, I'm cramming it full of cool memories while I can. And exploring the ocean - that's major - like visiting another planet.

Rex: (after 2 sea creatures collide) OOO..Ouch. Two heads twice the headaches.

Rex: (as they're examining their subs damage) Did you really need the sunglasses. (Sea creatures suddenly light up) Okay, maybe so.

Serge: We will not stand for any more attack on Aquania!
Rex: "Aquania?" Really? Please tell me that name wasn't your idea.
Agent Six: We haven't attacked your city.

Agent Six: (Pulling a barb from Rex's shoulder) This is from a Scarlet Cobra Urchin. You were lucky, Rex. It would've killed a normal person.
Rex: You know a little too much about things that can kill you, Six.

Rex: (to Serge) Maybe that research ship looked like trouble to you, but they were just documenting the pollution to make people understand the harm their garbage does. But if you think you're the one getting the shaft, we'll listen. (to Six) Come on. What could it hurt?

Agent Six: And modifying behavior includes sinking ships?
Serge: The facts are clear. I build. You destroy!
Rex: Hey, I know, introductions. This is Six. My name is Rex.
Serge: Six? That's a machine's name.
Rex: I think we've established that not everyone's good at picking names.

Agent Six: You're going to have to work fast, Rex. We don't know how much pressure you can take.
Rex: Come on, Six. You know I work best under pressure.

Rex: (Rex loses Scuba tank is damaged) Great going, Rex. White Knight will probably take this out of your imaginary paycheck. And I sort of needed it to breathe.

Agent Six: (to Serge) I understand what you're trying to do here. I see no reason to reveal Aquannia to anyone for now. Forgive my suspicions.
Rex: (Coming between Six and Serge, hugging both of them) And what else did we learn? Serge? Six? Anyone? To see things from the other person's point of view.
(Rex leaves)
Serge: I do have more paralyzing urchin spines if you want them.

Rex: Maybe we can come back and visit?
Agent Six: I'd rather not.
Rex: I figured you'd say that. (Rex pulls out a baby sea E.V.O) It's for Holiday. She said to bring her back a souvenir.
Agent Six: Just don't expect me to feed it.

Lost Weekend

(It starts off with a fight scene between Rex and Bobo fighting an E.V.O. Bobo is captured by the E.V.O. and Rex only tries to avoid it by dodging moves while flying. Shortly afterward, his cell rings.)
Bobo Haha: You gonna get that or what?
Rex Salazar: (Looks at phone) No way! We've gotta hurry.
(Rex quickly forms his Smack Hands and quickly punches the E.V.O. into a building causing Bobo to fly out its grip, allowing Rex to catch him and fly off.)
Rex: We need to pack.

Rex: I don't have all the details. But I do know it's one night only, out in the middle of the desert, and THE PARTY OF THE CENTURY!
Bobo: (Climbing down from pipes) Whoa, whoa, whoa. The desert? You know I've got issues with sands and large spiders.
Rex: Would you rather spend your Friday night here?
Bobo: Oh, the kid has a point.
(White Knight appears on the screen.)
White Knight: You two. My office. Now.

(Rex and Bobo are in White Knight's office.)
Rex: Hope this won't take long, White Knight. Bobo and I were just heading off to long night of...paperwork.
White Knight: Change of plans. You'll be attending an underground party in the sonoran desert.
Rex: Ugh. This better not be some sort of punishment; y'know? where you offer something cool, then yank it away to prove your twisted point.
White Knight: Do you want me to send another agent?
Rex: No, no, no, no. We're cool. Just one question— Why
White Knight: Because the entertainment is being provided by a group of... E.V.O.s
Bobo: How progressive!

Rex: So let me guess, you want me to shut 'em down?
White Knight: With civilians there, we can't just send in the tanks. I need you to observe the situation and report back so I can decide how to handle this.
Rex: So you're assigning party? Just the two of us?
White Knight: Actually, there will be three of you on this one.
Rex: Oh no. No. No way are you going to make us bring Six to a party.
White Knight: Six...isn't who I had in mind
(Rex and Bobo looked up shocked and Knights office door slides open and someone enters)
Rex: Kenwyn?
White Knight: So you've met? Agent Jones just graduated from the academy— top of her class.
Kenwyn Jones: I'm excited to be working with you Rex!— (to White Knight) and thank you for your trust in me sir. I promise to do my part to make our team as focused, efficient and methodical as possible.
Rex: Is it too late to get Six instead?

Kenwyn: You're not thrilled about this are you, about me on the team?
Rex: What? Nooo, it's just...
Kenwyn: Worried I'm gonna cramp your style?
Rex: Never crossed my mind.
A​n awkward silence comes over the group and the scene cuts to show the group on the Rex Ride

Bobo: That's gotta be a tough act to follow. He doesn't even leave you a stage.
(Rex glances over to Kenwyn, who seems to be completely confused at the fact that humans and E.V.O.s are even doing this.)
Rex: Hey, I was a rook once too. Just relax— you're with a couple of old pros. Right Bobo?
(Rex looks over to his right to see the Bobo that once stood by him, missing. Kenwyn quickly scans the party and engages into her seriousness.)
Kenwyn: (Walking past Rex) You don't have to worry about me, I can pull my own weight.
Rex: If you say so! (follows)

(They both walk deeper into caves and and passages and see a few others party goers in different places)
Rex: ¿Qué tal party people?
(Kenwyn continues to follow Rex and watches people sternly with her arms crossed. She then leans forward and grabs Rex's arm to get his attention)
Kenwyn: In simulation, we always started an infiltration by establishing focus points.
Rex: What? No, no, no, forget what you learned at the academy. In the field, you need to go with the flow. That's what works for me.
Kenwyn: If we want to maintain our cover and get the job done, we really need to set up our focus points.
Rex: Yeah, well, I don't even know what that means. But I do know I've been doing this job a lot longer than you...soo...?
Kenwyn: I graduated the academy as a lieutenant...soo...I'm the ranking officer here. (Walks past Rex with crossed arms and glares at him)
Rex: (Groans) why couldn't it have been Six?

(Kenwyn wanders around a cave and turns around, terrified, to see Skwydd. She gasps and steps back in shock.)
Skwydd: I like your blouse (Offers hand shake)
Kenwyn: Uh-I-I...uhh... (Grabs hand while ink drips from it and pulls away quickly, rubbing it off on the back of her pants)
Rex: Hey, Kenwyn! So I see you've met Skwydd. (To Skwydd) Hey, thanks for the tip, this party is awesome! (To Kenwyn) He's a friend of mine, from Hong Kong, we go way back!
(Kenwyn forces a smile while still rubbing off the ink).
Skwydd: Charmed. Is she your...uhh, date?
Rex: Date?! No, no, no, no. We just work together at Providence. We're here, (Whispers) undercover.
Kenwyn: Rex!

Rex: Don't mind her. She's a little skitchy around E.V.O.s.
Kenwyn: Sorry, it's just...this is new for me.
Etude: It's new...for lots of people. (Kenwyn quickly turns around to see a man holding a large speaker) That's why we're doing it.
Skwydd: This is Etude. Etude this is Rex.
(Etude puts down his speaker and shakes Rex's hand then suddenly pulls him into a welcoming hug.)
Skwydd: He's here from—
Kenwyn: Milwaukee! [snaps fingers and points] Wisconsin. He is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Rex and Etude exchange looks)

Etude: Well, no matter where you're from— welcome.
Kenwyn: (Kenwyn takes her cell phone and communicates with Providence.) I need a background check on an Etude; mid 30's, male, Caucasian.
Rex: Don't forget total hippie and possible criminal master mind!
Kenwyn: We gotta keep moving. White Knight is going to be expecting us to report in.
Rex: Yeah, (sarcastically) I'll catch up.

Rex: (Looks at Skwydd) By the way. You've got something on your face there... (Skwydd uses his tentacle-like hair to feel around his face.) Looks kinda like Don't think I've ever seen one on you before.
Skwydd: (Playfully punches Rex's shoulder) Whatever, I've always said; If I gotta be a freak, might as well get paid for it.

Rex: Well, I need to go at least pretend to me on a mission (starts walking away)
Skwydd: Oh yeah, about that. I figured since you're a big secret agent and all, you'd want to know— Some of the performers have been getting threats.
Rex: What kind of threats?
Skwydd: Oh, you know, the usual stuff; die, E.V.O, die. Nothing to get excited about.
Rex: I'll check it out. (Walks off)
Skwydd: Hey, Rex! It's really cool that you're here.

(Rex jumps up on a rock that elevates him higher to a tunnel. He crawls through it to meet up with Thump on the other end. )
Rex: Hey, a little "squid" told me some of the E.V.O.s have been threats...hear anything about that?
Kenwyn: (Pops out beside him) Excuse us, please.
(She pushes his face back in the tunnel and goes after him.)
Rex: What?!
Kenwyn: Uh, one— our cover...and two— what threats, why didn't you tell me? We should've reported that back to White immediately.
Rex: Yeah. See, that's why I didn't tell you.

(Rex looks out through a space in the tunnel that shows Thump on the stage beat boxing. Everyone cheers and Rex bumps rhythmically to the beat before being interrupted by Kenwyn turning him around.)
Kenwyn: You just broke seven of the eight most basic safety protocols.
Rex: (Shakes head) Relax, okay? This isn't my first mission. I know what I'm doing!
Kenwyn: ...You're right. You're the veteran. All I can contribute is to what I learned in training. I just want to earn your respect. The way you already earned mine...can't you understand that?
Rex: Oh, yeah, okay...look, I just know from experience you can't report everything to White. Sometimes, things aren't as bad as they sound. (Distant screaming) Yee-ah, that sounds pretty bad.

Rex: Skwydd, what are you doing?!
(Rex looks down at Skwydd whose eyes are glowing and looks in extreme pain . He slowly knocks out.)
Rex: I don't understand. Skwydd's never been able to make his nanite ink solid before.
Kenwyn: (Feels pulse) He's out cold, we aren't getting answers out of him. You know, when you need to talk to a suspect, there are methods of restraint that—
Rex: First of all, I didn't even hit him. Its like he was so amped up he just burned out. And second, he's not a suspect—hes a victim.
Kenwyn: It doesn't matter. I'm making the call to White.
Rex: Wait...what Skwydd did— something's not right.
Kenwyn: I agree, the E.V.O.s here are obviously a threat.
Rex: No, I mean it doesn't add up. Skwydd was happy...okay it's Skwydd, maybe that's an exaggeration...
Kenwyn: (Checks phone) I'm not getting a signal.
Rex: ...but he was as happy as I've ever seen him, why would he mess with that?

(Kenwyn attempts to removed some of the hardened ink on the cave walls, but it's too tough for her to break)
Kenwyn: Can you help me with this? (Keeps trying)
Rex: In a second. Someone did this to Skwydd, probably the same guy who made those threats!
Kenwyn: (Stops) Rex, stop stalling and help me!
Rex: I am! White likes answers, not questions. Trust me on this.
Kenwyn: (Turns around and pauses) The minute another civilian's in danger— We're making the call.
Rex: Come on, nothing bad will happen, (forms Big Fat Sword) you got me here.
Kenwyn: (Sarcastically) Well that's reassuring.

(Kenwyn and Rex leaving the cave.)
Kenwyn: He'll be fine in there until he wakes up.
(Rex looks around and notices some party goers leaving.)
Etude: Oh no, oh no, everybody's leaving! (runs)
Rex: If this thing breaks up, the guy who did this to Skwydd is just gonna slip away.
Kenwyn: Maybe that's good. No one else here will get hurt.
Rex: But then there'd be nothing for us to do but go home, and I haven't gotten my party on yet.
Rex jumps and slides through a small space that leads straight to the stage of the party. ) Wait!

(Record scratches and party audience groans and mutters)
Random Male: Get a job!
Rex: There's been a small disturbance, but everything's cool now. So, uh... party on!
(Party audience continues groaning and muttering)
Rex: Come on. It'll be cool! (forms Smack Hands)
Party leaver: Eh, that's all he's got? I'm outta here.

(He walks back stage to Kenwyn and Etude claps for him as he walks by.)
Kenwyn: I guess it's safe to say you just blew our cover.
Rex: Or— we showed up with a talking monkey, I'm kinda world famous, and wearing that totally blend.
Kenwyn: Haven't you ever heard of "dressing for success"?!
Rex: It's a good day when I can find my socks. So...what's next?

(Kenwyn exhales in disbelief and walks off checking her phone.)
Kenwyn: If we're going to catch our guy, we need to start interviewing suspects.
From a side cave, Rex can see Thump walking out and walking back in when he spots them.
Kenwyn: Most important thing is to isolate them first, so they can run when—
Rex: Hey, Thump!
Thump backs up and suspiciously runs off and Rex runs after him.
Kenwyn: (Sighs) Or, we could just do it your way! (Run's behind Rex)

(Thump turns a corner and Rex engages his Rex Ride to catch up even faster.)
Rex: We need to talk.
Thump: We got nothing to say.
(Eventually Rex catches up with Thump and stops him from running.)
Rex: If you're scared, I can protect you.
Thump Head 1: I'm not scared, they are.
(Kenwyn catches up with the group and crouches down to catch her breath.)
Thump Head 2: Didn't you see what happened to Skwydd?
Thump Head 1: Yeah, and that's why we should tell him. She's been acting funny. You should talk to—ugh!!!
Thump is then electrocuted and is knocked out. Kenwyn and Rex both spot Mouse running from the scene.
Kenwyn: Mouse? (Run's after her)
Rex: Ugh, It's always the furry ones!

Mouse: It's disgraceful what you're doing here, E.V.O.s and Humans should not mix!
Kenwyn: You we're responsible for Skwydd weren't you? What did you do to him?
Mouse: Just shining a little light on how dangerous his kind can be.
Rex: By juicing his powers, what were you thinking?
Mouse: Most inorganic material explodes when given that kind of molecular jolt. But not nanites— They convert the energy into power that amplifies an E.V.O.s abilities to uncontrollable levels.
Rex: What are you, a science teacher or something?
Mouse: Ninth grade. 25 years.
Kenwyn: But if you're not an E.V.O. how did you do that to Skwydd?
Mouse: Oh, I didn't do it, sweetie, my partner did.

(Suddenly, Rex had burst through the rocks with Smack Hands which were ​in forms of drills)
Kenwyn: Rex!
Rex: (Dusts himself) When you call Providence for backup, I'm the one they send!

(An explosion occurs behind her and Mouses partner comes in. Kenwyn runs beside Rex.)
Kenwyn: Now that he's amped up, he's going to explode and take everyone here with him. That's what Mouse wants!
Rex: Oh come on, that nut job makes her big villain speech and leaves that part out?
Kenwyn shoots a couple of times, but the lasers barely do anything, making him only angrier
Kenwyn: We need an action plan.
Rex: Got one (forms Smack Hands) punch him till he drops.
Rex jumps forward and attempts to punch the E.V.O. but his machine's explode. He tries using his Big Fat Sword and ends up with the same result. He falls back and groans.
Rex: If I hit him— he blows up my machines, if he hits me— he'll make my E.V.O. powers go berserk. I can't do anything!
Kenwyn: But since I don't have those problems— I can!
(Kenwyn engages into battle)

Rex: He's gonna blow! (Runs with Kenwyn)
(Skwydd then appears and uses his enhanced nanite abilities while it's lasts, causing it to wrap around the growing E.V.O. and compress the explosion. Kenwyn and Rex get up and get back to business.)
Rex: Nice timing, guess we should thank him for making you able to do that.
Skwydd: Yeah, too bad I can already feel it fading away.
(Party members and Etude, whom still has Mouse, walks in to see whats going on. Etude runs to Skwydd to show him gratitude.)
Etude: Oh thank you, thank you! (Gives multiple kisses on Skwydd's cheek)
Skwydd: Yea- alright. Whoa, easy on the man kisses!

(Bobo and the performer E.V.O. wakes up from unconsciousness)
Bobo: (groans) What happened?
Rex: Well, lets see— an E.V.O. and human were working together to prove E.V.O.s and Humans can't work together, but then a Human and an E.V.O. worked together and stopped them.
Bobo: That's sweet, but what I was really asking was: What happened to me!?
Rex: Oh, she did.
(Bobo looks over to Kenwyn who gives him a playful wink.)

(The scene then cuts into White Knight's office who is interviewing Rex and Kenwyn.)
White Knight: Rex did what?!
Kenwyn: Like I said in my report, he...did everything by the book.
White Knight: I'm very...surprised by that.
Rex: Me too.
Kenwyn: Well— that's my report, sir.
White Knight: Is it now? Then you are leaving me no choice, Agent Jones— but to make sure you two get teamed up again.
Kenwyn: (Looks at Rex) Hm.
Rex: (Looks at Kenwyn) I'm actually cool with that.
Kenwyn: Me too.
Bobo: Whoa, whoa. Where does that leave me?
Rex: If I had to guess— with a lot less to do.
Bobo: Oh, well in that case (Jumps and wraps his arms around Kenwyn and Rex) Welcome aboard (Kisses Kenwyn's cheek)


Rex Salazar: Mmm. Kind of ripe in here.
Bobo Haha: That little door back there. (Bobo clears his throat) Not the bathroom.

Rex: Hold this.
(Bobo hold the object)
Rex: And whatever you do: do not let go.
Bobo Haha: Or what?
Rex: Kaboom. (Rex leaves)
Bobo Haha: You will pay.

Rex: Okay folks, here's the 4-1-1. V.K., NoFace - getting cozy. Gonna try and bust it up. That's all I got for now. Over and out.
Bobo Haha: Oh don't you dare hang up! I'm feeling a cramp coming on.

Rebecca Holiday: Rex, why aren't you fixing that shield regulator?
Rex: Hint. You may remember him from such schemes as: destroying Providence Headquarters, and trying to take over the entire Earth.
Doctor Holiday: Van Kleiss in there? You're right you should investigate, after you fix the shield.
Rex: Then it might be too late.
Doctor Holiday: She's there, isn't she?
Rex: Who? Breach? Yeah - but...
Doctor Holiday: (Holiday sighs) A quick recon and that's it. I'll try to buy some time at this end, and I want regular check ups.

Rex: Okay folks, here's the 4-1-1. V.K., NoFace - getting cozy. Gonna try and bust it up. That's all I got for now. Over and out.
Bobo Haha: Oh don't you dare hang up! I'm feeling a cramp coming on.

Circe: You're right you know. We should be down there with him. What is he up to anyway?
Biowulf: I... do not know.
Circe: You don't know? I thought he trusted you with everything.
Biowulf: Of course he does! He just (Biowulf reaches into the bushes and grabs Rex. Rex screams)
Rex: Hey! Easy on the stealth suit. Which apparently isn't so stealthy.

Circe: Down now!
Rex: Not til we hear each other out.
Circe: Sure. I'll go first. (Circe uses her powers on Rex. Rex's flyer falls apart and the start free falling)
Rex: Aw great. Way to go, Circe.

Circe: (To Rex) One minute. But if this about leaving the Pack...
Rex: Please, I am way past that. There are bigger things going on here than who you hang out with.
Circe: Fifty seconds.
Rex: I was not sent here to spy on you. I am here to stop these things from ever getting out.

Rex: You have seen the things that live here. Whatever deal Van Kleiss is making, it is going to turn out bad for everyone.
Circe: Thirty seconds. Why are you telling me this?! You know who I am!
Rex: I do know who you are, Circe. Just once think for yourself. Maybe your perfect leader could actually be wrong, maybe even a bit crazy, nuts, psychologically insane.
Circe: (Furious) SHUT UP! (Blasts Rex with her sonic scream, knocking him backwards) Twenty. Talk about blinded. Did you ever wonder why Van Kleiss is so interested in you?
Rex: Oh, I don't know. Maybe he wants me dead.
Circe: Not anymore. Something has changed, Rex. Ever since you got your powers back, I hear him talking. He says that you have something that is the key to everything. For whatever reason he needs you alive. I know it, Rex. He would never let you be killed.
Rex: Never, huh?
Circe: Time's up! (Knocks Rex unconscious with a kick)

NoFace: Now feel my pain.
Rex: First - a few ground rules. Nothing below the belt and... I have a date on Friday... So easy on the face... Not exactly a problem in your case. Having no face and all.

Rex: (After Van Kleiss protects Rex from NoFace's attack) I'm not driving a wedge between you, am I?
Van Kleiss: Well played.
Rex: Good news for me. For you - not so much.

Rex: The work here finished. The hero does the nobel thing -he runs like a thief. Adios!

Bobo Haha: Where the heck have you been?
Rex: You're not still holding on to that are you?
(Bobo releases his grip)
Rex: Because it's a good thing, you know - with the whole kaboom.

Circe: (To Rex) You, Biowulf, even me. We are all just means to an end for him. He does not really care about any of us.
Rex: (Sarcastically) So you finally figured that out. Better late then never, I guess.

Rex: Torn betwen saving his friends or the world - our hero makes the - stupid choice.

Rex: You coming or what?
Biowulf: I was never here.

Bobo Haha: What is it about stealing from our own people that's so damn satisfying.
Circe: You forgot to remove the tracker.
Bobo Haha: Uh, funny that.
Circe: I'm not going to Providence.
Rex: Doesn't matter where you go. All that matters is that you want to go there. That said - I hear Hong Kong's nice this time of year.

Divide By Six

Rex Salazar: Whoa! You guys don't fight like humans - neither do I!

Five: (after fighting Rex) Not half bad really.
IV: (Scoffs) I've seen better moves on a chess board.
Trey: Well, I thought he was pretty good, y'all.
Dos: Si. But is he good enough?
Agent Six: (Entering) Yes. And that's why we're taking him with us.
Rex: Six? What you -?
(Dos gases Rex)

Agent Six: The past is past. We must focus on the task before us.
Rex: (Waking up) Which is what exactly, Six? Please tell me this is some sort of whacked out top secret Providence mission... So let me get this straight: you've gone AWOL with a bunch of weirdos?
Five: Hey!
IV: Who you calling weird, big hands?
Rex: Who attacked your partner? And now you're abducting your partner in a stolen jet?
Agent Six: I'd say that sums it up.

Agent Six: Have you ever wondered why they called me Six?
Rex: Cause that's the number of seconds you have to answer my question?
Agent Six: It's because I'm the sixth most dangerous man on the planet. Meet 2 through 5: Trey, Five, Dos and IV.

Rex: Okay, for the record, you could have just asked for my help. By the way, there's 5 people more dangerous than you? How is that possible? Who decides the order and where's number one?
Agent Six: Not far.
Rex: Is he going to try to kill me too?
Agent Six: Very probably. One has turned E.V.O., and you're the only one who can save him.

Rex: (about One) How long has he been fighting it?
Agent Six: 5 years.
Rex: Most people go out of control in 5 minutes.
Agent Six: One isn't most people.

Agent Six: (as Rex is about to fight One) I don't want him hurt!
Rex: That's entirely up to him.

Agent Six: Hurry! They still got him. You can try again.
Rex: It won't matter, Six. He's uncureable. I'm sorry.
Dos: Then we'll do what we should have done in the first place. We'll handle this our way.

Trey: Come on. We're just trying to do the right thing, huh?
Rex: Like Six told you...
Dos: Forget Six! Look at him, kid. He's just a monster now. You know we're right.
Rex: ...All I know, is that I trust Six!

Agent Six: We're not ranked by who's the best fighter. We're ranked by who's the most dangerous. There was a time when I wanted to be number one. And I was well on my way.
Rex: So what happened?
Agent Six: I met you.

Mixed Signals

Agent Six: (After Rex makes a new build) You want to explain this?
Rex Salazar: I don't know. It's like some weird vision of this thing filled my head, the it built itself out of me. Maybe the vision came from Blobbo! Maybe it's trying to talk to me.
(Rex runs up to the blob)
Rex: Come on, big boy. Send me some more pictures. What's on your mind?
(Pause. The blob hits Rex into a car then enters a building)
Agent Six: Groceries. That's what's on its mind.

Rex: (after Rex splits the blob in two) Heh. I wasn't supposed to do that, right?
Agent Six: Rex, I want you back at HQ.
Rex: But I feel okay now. And - and we've got um... two blobs to put down.
Agent Six: Now!

Rex: (Gasp) Pizza...
Rebecca Holiday: I think he's having another vision.
Bobo Haha: Of lunch?
Rex: With pineapple and salmon.
Bobo Haha: Yeech!! He is nuts.
Doctor Holiday: Aside from a strange taste in pizza toppings. All readings are normal. I can't explain it.

Bobo Haha: Is that my electric toothbrush?
Rex: It better not be! It's the one I've been using!

Rex: (Gasping after being freed from trapping bubble) Figures, I'd build a machine with a serious attitude problem.

Caesar Salazar: (Taking off his helmet and turns to Rex) Rex, is that you?
Rex: Who’s asking?
Caesar: It’s me, Caesar, your brother!

Caesar: Mijo!! (Hugs Rex) You’re alive and...older. (Rex is dumbfounded) Atomic clock was right… Esta es una problema grande.
Rex: ...Ah, yeah...(Pushes Caesar) it is a big problem.
Caesar: What is this place? Who are you people? (to Rex) I'm getting you out of here!
Bobo Haha: Sorry amigo. Put your hands up, or don't - I got a clear shot either way.
Caesar: (Is looking at Bobo) A talking chimp?
Bobo Haha: Don’t bother. I’ve heard all the jokes.

Caesar: Stand aside!
Rex: Hello, do I get a say in this?
Doctor Holiday: If you're part of some elaborate plan to kidnap Rex, then you failed!
Caesar: Listen, Bonita, you don't want to make me use this!
Rex: (Gets in between them) Enough! Normally around here when someone barges in talking crazy, they get ground into the deck plates by my giant fists. But you seem legit. I'm going with him.
Doctor Holiday: Rex!
Rex: (Gives Holiday a meaningful look, titling his head to Caesar and then talks to him) Okay, brother, lead the way.

Rex: So, if you are my brother, where have you been all this time?
Caesar: I’ll explain once we're safe.
Rex: This is Providence, we are safe (noticing fallen agents) ...usually.
Caesar: Providence? Never head of it. To be honest, last five years have been a bit of the blur.
Rex: I want to believe you, but I'm gonna need some proof.
(Rex and Caesar went inside the elevator)
Caesar: Your name is Rex Salazar. Our parents are Violeta and Rafael. The last time I saw you was at the applied nanite research lab in Abysus, right before those fools triggered a replication cycle.
Rex: And I have total amnesia, so, for all I know, that could be completely bogus.
Caesar: There's a scar on the back of your left knee you got when you were 7, riding the gantry arm in the reactor annex.
Rex: (Looking at his knee) I always wondered how I got that.

(they go out and Rex notices Caesar Salazar's pod laboratory)
Rex: Whoa, nice wheels.
Agent Six: (Comes out and unsheathed his swords) Don't even think about it.
(Caesar is about to attack but Rex stops him)
Rex: It's okay. Six isn't going to hurt you, right, Six? You're coming in a little late on this, but, uh, this is Caesar, my brother. And he wants to get me out of here. So, let's just let my brother have his way and see where this all goes.

Rex: Wherever you plan on going, they're gonna follow us. You know that, right?
Caesar: They can try.
Rex: I don't know. Providence ships are pretty fast.
Agent Six: Track Rex's bio-signature and find out who that guy really is.

Rex: You ain't kidding. This thing moves fast. A-are we in the arctic?
Caesar: How do you think I got to your location so quickly once the locator signaled me?
Rex: Locator? You sent me the schematics to build that thing? It tried to crush me like a bug!
Caesar: Sorry mijo, I wasn't really trying to hurt. (Scans Rex's body) I was looking for what's hiding inside of you. (Showing Rex the result) The Omega-1 Nanite.
Rex: That thing? Holiday discovered it before. We had no idea what it was.
Caesar: I sent signal instructions for the Omega One to track and contain. But since the nanite has integrated into your DNA, you became the conduit for buiding the machine. What I don't get is how the Omega One got inside of you. Rylander was supposed to have that under lock and key.
Rex: Rylander? He's the one who put it inside me.
Caesar: Why would he do a thing like that? I'm really gonna have to let old fool have it when I see him.
Rex: Not possible-- courtesy of Van Kleiss.
Caesar: Van Kleiss?! What does that third-rate lab hack have to do with this?
Rex: What? I guess I’m not the only one who needs an update.

Rex: Where have you been?
Caesar: It's a long story-- actually, short by my clock. A splinter group had formed at the lab. They had other ideas about how the nanites would be used. We tried to stop them, and you were hurt. The only way to save your life was an infusion of nanites. It was risky, but it worked. We thought that'd be enough to stop the others, make them see the right path. But we were wrong. Mom and Dad were in the reactor. As for me, I managed to escape in my lab. But the shock wave, the same shock wave that probably blanked your memory.... also interfered with engine that powers this pod. I was stuck in sub-light drive.
Rex: How long?
Caesar: 15 minutes. That's how long it took me to reboot the system. But at the speed I was going, it was 5 years of your time. I knew there was an accident, but I had no idea how bad. My nanite sensors were off the charts. My 1st priority was to insure the OM-1 was safe. That was our promise. And here we are. So, what have I missed these past 5 years?

Rex: Wait a second. Are you saying I'm Swiss?
Caesar: Not really. Mother was born in Mexico. Father in Bueno Aires.
Rex: And they're...really gone?
(Caesar slowly nods)

Rex: Um, where exactly did this ship take us?
Caesar: What do you know? We're back at the original lab site.
Rex: You mean the one in Abysus?
Caesar: Is that a problem?
Rex: I'd say just a small one.

Caesar: My little brother, the hero! I remember when you just wanted to be a musician.
Rex: Guitar? No, wait. Drums!
Caesar: Accordion.

Rex: (Pushing Caesar away from the blob) Are you crazy?!
Caesar: Depends on who you ask.

Agent Six: I'm happy for you, Rex. You always said you wanted to find your family.
Rex: Thanks but you know what?... I already did. Caesar may be my brother, but you, Holiday, Bobo: you're who I have a connection with.
Bobo Haha: Oh now you see? I'm getting all misty.
Caesar: (Caesar enters) There you are. Hmm. Nice view. Say mijo, you think your cafeteria could whip up a pizza with pineapple and salmon? I've been craving one for days.
Bobo Haha: Connection, huh?


White Knight: Six is still in New Zealand, dealing with a - small problem.
Rex Salazar: Oh sure. Let him deal with the small stuff. While I do all the hard work.
White Knight: [to Rex] We don't have time to wait for him. You're going solo.
Bobo Haha: Hey! Where he goes, I go.
White Knight: Like I said - solo.

White Knight: The situation down there is... complex. I need both of you to handle this mission quietly and with diplomacy.
Rex: I can be diplomatic. Oh by the way, you might want to think about switching to low fat, White. Starting to look at little jowly.
Bobo Haha: Better leave the diplomacy to the small one.

Rex: White Knight said to send his regards.
Oso Martelo: Maybe he could come visit sometime. Get some sun. See what it's like on the front lines nowadays. (laughing. Then to Bobo) This must be the monkey. He does tricks? Hello Senior Bobo.
Bobo Haha: (Puts his palm to Oso's mouth) That's Agent Haha to you, buddy.

Rex: (after taking a drink) I don't get what makes it so special.
Oso: It's made from rice that's passed through the digestive system of a monkey.
(Rex spits his drink)

Valentina: For the last time, we don't work for Van Kleiss. The Green Fist fights for E.V.O.s who can't fight for themselves. We set them free. Nothing more.
Bobo Haha: Heh. Just what we need - humans for the ethical treatment of E.V.O-s.
Valentina: (Screams) We were returning them to their natural habitat. What Providence does is wrong! And against the natural order of things. (to Rex) You're a traitor to your own kind!
Rex: That thing you set free, it's natural order is to exterminate mankind. It wanted to kill you. Your men are dying because of it.

Rex: It's doing to me what it's done to Valentina's men. If we don't get the anti-toxin soon, they'll die, and eventually, I will too.

Valentina: Listen, you need me, Providence man. I know that jungle better than anyone. Your big noisy party will alert that E.V.O. You won't get within a mile of it. My men are dying too. Let me free!
Oso: You think I'm just going to let you walk out of here alone?
Rex: No, I'm going too.

Valentina: There are things in this jungle stranger than E.V.O.-s - and older than man.
Rex: Well, as long as they stay here, we won't have anymore problems.


Rex Salazar: (watching one of Caesar's inventions, feeling impressed) Oooh... is that some sort of a nanite thing?
Caesar Salazar: (takes out a small pipe from the object) Mango smoothie... but this (Caesar shows Rex another device) is my hyper-electromagnet that can disassemble the tank from a kilometer away. And evidently it can also make deliciously creamy smoothies.
Rex: Nice

Rex: Noah and I took a couple of ladies to a horror movie.
Caesar: Ah, to engage their paleomammalian brain so the fear response would be to cling to the nearest male. Did it work?
Rex: Yeah... but they both clung to me.
Caesar: I believe the word is score!
Rex: Yeah, except Noah pretty much hates me now. He was supposed to be the hero.

Rex: I'm thinking... a haunted house.
Caesar: Yes! A twin challenge! Create a paranormal paradigm with technology to evoke a passionate response! THAT IS INTERESTING! the biochemistry of romance is simple... the neurotransmitter chemical Phenethylamine is extruded by hypothalamus.
Rex: I was thinking - less extruding, more fog, machine and lights
Caesar: (smirking evilly) Oooh... this would be way better! trust me (Smirks)
Rex: Cool...

Noah Nixon: (after Claire and Annie enter the hotel) Gee. Look at me. 100% cling free.
Rex: It's going to work out. Trust me. I know what I'm doing.
Noah: ...I've heard that before.

Rex: So I don't see any bandages. Things must be good with you.
Annie: Yep. No more bad luck. I haven't broken a bone this year - at least not one of my own.

Rex: I spent all afternoon setting this place up to make you look like a hero. Just give it a chance.
Noah: "Setting up?" Great! Passing potential embarrassment and proceding directly to utter humiliation.

Noah: Whoa. Check out the claw marks.
Annie: Looks like the work of a chisel work pick axe.
(Everyone stares at Annie)
Annie: Long story - but he's okay now.
Rex: Good to know.
Noah: (skeptically to Rex) Claw marks... really?

Annie: Maybe that crash was a stray cat?
Noah: (with manly voice) Let's hope so...
Rex: Here, kitty! Here, kitty...meow
Annie: It could be a dog
Rex: Here, doggy! Here, doggy!
Annie: Or a raccoon

Rex: Something weird is happening here - something dangerous.
Noah: Facing the unknown is always dangerous, my friend.
Rex: Noah, this is real! This isn't one of my tricks.
Noah: It isn't?
Claire Bowman: And by "tricks" you mean what exactly?

Rex: We need to leave before someone is hurt.
Claire: Because Annie and I are so helpless, right? I seem to remember kicking some E.V.O. tail at Prom.
Annie: Yeah! Of course, we had a full armed battle tank then.

Rex: At least we don't have to worry about Wrightson's ghost anymore.
Noah: Unless he's the E.V.O.
Rex: Great! Ghost E.V.O.-s, because I was getting bored with the normal stuff.

Rex: Annie, maybe you're not the one to handle a black cat.


Rex: Wait. Is that Rombauer and Lansky?
Providence agent: You've seen their commercial?
Rex: No. I knew them from - wait. They have a commercial?
Grandma: (Handing money to Rombauer and Lansky) Here you go.
Rex: And they get paid?... I am seriously going about this job the wrong way!

Rex: (to Rombauer and Lansky) Look, Providence has done a lot for me. Maybe not money or sandwiches. But I'm important there.
Rebecca Holiday: (Over Rex's earpiece) Rex, when you get back. I need you in the Zoo. The auto-feeder flooded it with monkey chow - again.
Rex: (Turns off the communicator) I'm sorry. You were saying?

Rex: Its got my communicator. We have to stop it!
Rombauer: Uh uh. We have to help our clients. And right now, there's an E.V.O parrot in Park Slope telling some really nasty "Yo Mama" jokes.
Rombauer: So now you're too good for the work we do? That's fine! Because we were better off without you.
Rex: WHAT? Your business is booming. Thanks to me.
Rombauer: Exactly. My business - I mean our business - mine and Lansky's! And then you show up. First you steal our thunder. And now you're telling us what to do. If we wanted to be a couple of nobody-s getting bossed around, we'd go back to Providence!
Lansky: Yeah! - Except Providence said they'd never take us back.

Rex: Rex to Providence. There's a funky foot fungus eating Brooklyn!
Agent Six: We noticed. That kind of thing tends to get our attention.

Doctor Holiday: There's a chance it can be taken out from your location.
Rex: That's supposed to be good news?
Agent Six: Yes! Here's the bad: there's a layer of oxidized fungus between you and the rest of us. You're going to have to do this alone.
Rex: I'm not alone...
(Seeing Rombauer and Lansky returned)
Rombauer: Let's get one thing straight. We're not here to save the day. We're only care about our company. And you're part of our company!
Lansky: Also when we came back down here, we couldn't get out when we changed our mind.
Rombauer: Okay, that too. But mostly what I said.

Without a Paddle

Noah Nixon: But my last 3 partners have been injured in matches against East Side High's star player.
Rex Salazar: What'd they do? Sprain their pinkies?
Noah: Their pinkies were the only things that didn't get hurt.
Rex: Okay, now I'm interested.

Noah: Yeah, people around here take this game pretty seriously.
Rex: I don't get this much respect when I save the world.
Noah: What can I say, man? It's table tennis season.
Principal Rothberger: Wrists looks a little skinny. You need to have powerful wrists to get a good back spin.
Rex: (Rex displays his one of his builds) 7500 horses powerful enough for you?
Principal Rothberger: Well, everything seems to be in order, son.

Rex: I get to hang out with other kids. I'm learning all sorts of interesting stuff. And there's no Evo monsters trying to pound my face into the ground.
Noah: Glad you're having such a good time. Because your next class is no piece of cake.

Rex: That sleazeball coach just tried to juice me!
(to the East Side High Coach)
Rex: Nice try buddy.

Gabriel: Oh, did you break your paddle?
(Gabriel and Michael both laugh)
Michael: Hope you brought a spare.
Rex: As a matter of fact - I did!
(a giant paddle emerges from the ceiling)

Rex: It was pretty nice. I was in school for a week and I was like a regular kid. I even took a pop quiz and I got an "A."
Rebecca Holiday: (Holiday slurps her coffee) I'm glad Rex. Because that's got me thinking. I've been too lenient in your academic education.
Rex: Oh no! Wait a minute!
Doctor Holiday: Starting today - more regular lessons: Science, History, Spanish.
Rex: Spanish?
Doctor Holiday: Oh yes! And I saw that Trig Quiz. 98%? Do you know how that reflects on me? I know you can do better. And you will!

Written in Sand

Rebecca Holiday: It's not the storm they're running from. The nanites inside there are forcing the animals away. It's creating a kind of nanite free zone.
Rex Salazar: Heh! We should call White Knight. Maybe he'll move here and leave us alone.

Rex: No, couldn't be... (takes out binoculars and sees in the distant Van Kleiss moving towards the sandstorm) Rex to base. We've got trouble of the ego-maniacal EVO kind.
Doctor Holiday: Van Kleiss is there? Why am I not surprised?
Rex: I think the real question is: if everything else is in such a race to get out, why is he going in?
Doctor Holiday: Rex, wait.
Rex: Don't worry, Doc. It's me. What could possibly happen?

Van Kleiss: This phenomenon deserves my personal attention. What we seek is nearby. I can feel it pushing against me.
Rex: (Rex emerges from the sand storm) Yeah? (Rex kicks Van Kleiss) How about kicking against you too?

Rex: Why are you causing this nanite free zone?
Van Kleiss: How convenient it must be to make me the root of all evil. I'm not causing it. I've come to discover the source, and destroy it.
Rex: This could be the cure to nanites.
Van Kleiss: And I live off nanites. What Providence calls a "cure," I call death.

Rex: (After Van Kleiss creates a scorpion EVO to attack Rex, it attacks him instead.) funniest thing I've ever seen! I've got to get this on video! (takes out cell phone and starts recording Van Kleiss dodging the scorpion EVO.)

Van Kleiss: This is not simply a nanite free zone. Something is stealing the nanites from our bodies. We linger here too long, we both may find ourselves defenseless against the other.
Rex: Well then, we better blow this joint. And when I say we I mean me!
(Rex tries to escape and fails)
Van Kleiss: If either of us is to escape this place, we will have to work together.
Rex: What exactly are you suggesting?
Van Kleiss: A temporary truce.
Rex: An extremely temporary truce.

Van Kleiss: It appears that the zone not only destroys nanites. But is...
Rex: Sqeezing the life from the Earth. This isn't sand. This is me!

Rex: (to Van Kleiss) Less geeking, more escaping!

Van Kleiss: No need to panic, Rex. We have at least 20 minutes before fossilization - give or take.
Rex: Don't panic. Says the guy who used to be dirt.

Rex: You know Zag RS? How?
Van Kleiss: She was designed as a decontamination program in the original nanite labratory. Her task was to destroy any rogue nanites that escaped from the holding tank.
Rex: She did a great job. Whoever designed her should be taken out and beaten with a tendril.
Van Kleiss: Caesar designed her.
Rex: I'm going to have to have a chat with my brother when this is over.

Van Kleiss: There's no time. Her strength is growing exponentially. To achieve victory you must trust me.
Rex: Trust you? That's comedy gold. Even if I was that big a doof neither of us has enough power to fight back.

Rex: Normally, I don't fight girls. But this time
(Rex starts attack Zag RS)
Rex: I'll make... a big... giant... robot... exception!

Caesar: (about Zag RS) Don't you recognize it? When I programmed her, I wanted a voice that meant safety, protection, caring. Rex, this our mother's voice.
Rex: (mutters) Mama?

A Family Holiday

Rex Salazar: (to Rebecca Holiday) I'm asking if we could get some money. (turning to Beverly Holiday) Providence pays me nada.

Season 3

Back in Black

Rex walks into a room and sees this device Providence uses to make E.V.Os behave being fired at Bobo,then machine finishes and Bobo was going to leave

Bobo: Ah,great employee benefits

Rex: Yeah right, hey you got a tag sticking out in the back mind if I (pulls Bobo's shirt collar down and see him wearing the collars other E.V.Os wear to behave)

Bobo: Thanks well of to yoga (he leaves and Caesar comes in)

Caesar: You really shouldn't be here hermano

Rex: The petting zoo, the worm, my monkey practicing good high-gene,your using that thing to control my friend

Caesar: He's still the same Bobo you know and love he just needs a few boundaries

Rex: He's not the same and neither are you, you should be yourself

Caesar: It isn't possible to make the world a safer place without some form of control(Going to leave), and you better get some control over yourself (Rex stops him leaving)

Rex: Or what you'll use that thing on me (points at this device on the wall)

Caesar : Open your eyes to all the good we're accomplishing,isn't this better than smacking them around with your giant fists

Rex: That's combat I protect people and property,OK property not so much but this, if you can't see the difference then maybe I never knew you at all

Caesar: Doesn't matter I have work to do (leaving)

Rex: So do I (turns hands into smack hands and starts destroying Caesars lab)

Caesar: Rex stop (Rex doesn't listen)

Black Knight: Snooping around Rex, (Rex turns to look at her) see that's another one of my boundaries

Rex: White Knight may have had his issues but he never resorted to anything like this

Black Knight: I never plan to do this Rex but you've become a danger (Rex turns around to see Caesar pointing the mind control device at him)

Rex: Caesar think, you can't do this

Caesar: Of course I'm thinking this is the logical conclusion to what we've started

Rex: The logical (Caesar fires at him,Rex tries to use his smack hands to block himself but they disassemble,Then he gets on his knees)

Caesar: Sorry Rex you'll thank me later

Rex: (on his knees) You.......better......believe.......I will (you see how Rex nanites wont give in to the control)

Caesar: Please don't resist it's only painful if you struggle

Black Knight: Whats taking so long

Caesar: He's fighting it his genetic energy is spiking of the scam

Black Knight: Boost power

Caesar: But it's not safe

Black Knight: It's for the best (Caesar boost the power)

Rex get's really mad at this point he uses punk busters to escape and destroy the device

Rex: You just drew the line in the sand bro (breaks down the door with the punk busters and fleas

Black knight: We better have a back up

Caesar: The prototype is not portable but more than enough power even for him

Black Knight: Get it ready

Black Knight: You know how they'd be with out are influence

Rex: So your hijacking it's brain like what you tried to do with mine

Black Knight: That won't be necessary if you just willingly cooperate

Rex: Translation do everything you say

Crash and Burn

Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United

{C}Rex: "I could really use an alien right now!"

Ben: "Great idea, but a certain Nanite monster busted my watch!"

Rex: "Do something anything!"

Ben: (Throws rock at Rex)

Rex: "Do something better!"

Ben: "I could try calling it names!"

Phantom of the Soap Opera

Assault on Abysus

Rex: They were counting on me, I don't wanna leave them.
Circe: (remembering what she did in Hong Kong): I did what I had to do, you do what you have to....I want you to know...that all this was never about me just using you...
[Rex and Circe kiss and time slows down]
[Circe pushes Rex off the edge they were standing on in order to save him]
Rex: (narrating) We all make sacrifices for the things we care about...the people we love, but when the stakes are this high, who can we trust? What would that power do to anyone who had it?

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