Rex and Bobo's room

Rex's room.

Rex Salazar's room is an area at Providence Headquarters where Rex sleeps and spends his spare time.


The closet

Home sweet hole

The only decoration in Rex's first room.

The first room used by Rex was extremely small - it contained only two beds (for Rex and Bobo), a desk and a chair. The place had no decoration except a huge makeshift "poster" on which Rex wrote "HOME SWEET HOLE".[1]

Second Room

After Rex had thrown a tantrum, Doctor Holiday persuaded White Knight and Six to arrange him a new, bigger room.[1] It had some tree-like pipes and tubes (where Bobo hangs, chills out and sleeps), a video game system complete with a flat screen, a couple of drawers for Rex's personal items, along with several posters (featuring soccer, basketball, motor-racing and British rock music) and pictures hanging on the wall.[2]

During Rex's six-month long absence, the wing in which his room was placed was destroyed in a powerful blast. The place was rebuilt, but Black Knight decided to turn the room into a fancy restroom instead of keeping its original purpose.[3]

Third Room

Rex's new accommodation was given to him by Black Knight as his previous room was rebuilt as a restroom. The room contains an enormous flat screen, a table, some drawers, bookshelves and bench-like chairs.[3]


  • Rex's first room was often called "a closet" by both Holiday and Rex.[1]
  • Rex likes spending time by bouncing a ball off the walls.[1]
  • Although having more freedom, Rex still has a curfew imposed upon him.[4]
  • As Rex's keeper, Six is responsible for turning off the lights at night[1] and waking Rex up.[5]
  • The flat screen, apart from its TV and gaming purposes, is also used as an alert in case of emergency.[6]


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