Rex's ball

Rex bounces his ball back and forth on the wall when relaxing in his bedroom.

Rex Salazar's ball is occasionally shown during Rex's free time. Rex likes to bounce it off a wall and catch it when he's anxious, bored, or relaxing in his bedroom. It is a red, bouncy, medium-sized rubber ball.


The ball first appeared as Rex was waiting in his holding room at the back of The Keep, where he jumped out of the plane seconds later to have an unauthorized battle against an EVO ruining the city.[1]

Rex was shown bouncing the ball again as he was commenting on Robo Bobo's odd behavior.[2]

After Rex's room was destroyed by White Knight, the red ball was the only thing Providence could salvage from the rubble.[3]

After the worldwide cure event and Rex's re-joining Providence, Rex was seen bouncing the ball as he waited in the Keep's hangar for authorization to deal with the newest threat. His waiting was interrupted by Six who had given him a green light to join the action.[4]


  • The ball appeared in the first episode of the series, the first episode of the third season and the last scene of the last episode of the series. In all of the cases, its appearance signifies the start of something new for Rex.


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