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Rex (M. Rex)
Vital statistics
Name Rex
Aliases Machina Rex
King of Machines
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Abilities Skilled thief
Able to create numerous nanite-powered machines
Able to control and manipulate the environment at will
Able to communicate via binary coding.
Imagination manifestation and control
Weapons Enormous fists
Relatives Spilken (guardian)
Sheik (boss)
Further info
First appearance M. Rex – Issue #1
Last appearance M. Rex – Issue #2
See also Rex Salazar (Generator Rex counterpart)
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...most importantly... Donatelli names the child. Rex. "the machine king" because of his knack with the mechanical. Cute.

–Six about Rex, Issue #2 - Size Matters"

Rex is an amnesiac twelve-year-old child.[1]


It is unknown how old Rex was when Spilken found him - but he tagged along after the man promised he would help the boy in finding his real family.[1] Spilken, seeing potential in the boy, taught him how to steal.


Rex is a fun loving, cheery kid. He loves to play with toys - especially with figures of a princess and a samurai - mostly creating bizarre adventures.[1]

Physical appearance

Rex has short blond hair and light blue eyes. He wears enormous golden goggles, a red and white T-shirt with a black, thick exclamation mark on the left side, in which a light-bulb is inscribed, blue pants and red shoes.[1]

Mia Moore called him "sweet", "adorable" and "tiny" on several occasions.[1]

Powers and abilities

Thanks to the Omicron Nanites situated in his heart,[2] Rex has a variety of amazing skills, abilities and techniques.

  • Imagination manifestation: Due to being a kid, Rex has a wild imagination. The Omicron Nanites colony he has in his heart gives him the ability to build most of the things he pictures in his head, such as "The Blue Girl" he "saw" on the Sheik's palace roof.[2]
  • Binary communication: Rex is able to "speak binary" - he can understand a "language" in which all the aware machines are speaking in. The language itself is not understandable to normal humans.[2]
  • Controlling and manipulating the environment: The Omicron Nanites not only allow Rex to control and manipulate his own physical body, but also interfere in the environment around him - like making holes in the floor[1] or changing said floor into a wall which can shield him from attacks.[2]

Nanite-powered machines

MR rexs golden fists

Rex's golden fists.

  • Giant fists: During the commotion on the cruiser, Rex to protect himself created giant golden fists which crushed Jackpot Robot with one squeeze.[1]
  • Flying vehicle: Is an enormous build which has a somewhat spider-looking design. It can fly very fast, covering a distance from Arizona to Morocco in eight hours.[2]



Due to him being a kid and not remembering his past, Rex treats Spilken as his guardian. The bond is so strong that he almost treats him as his father.[1] Rex is crushed by the discovery that Spilken was just using him for his own personal good and did not hesitate to sacrifice Rex when his life was endangered.[2]

Agent Six

Rex believes that Six is Mia Moore's bodyguard.[2]


  • Most of Rex's creations are golden colored[2] unlike their orange/blue TV series counterparts.
  • None of Rex's builds were ever named in the comic series unlike their television series counterparts.


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