Rex : Skwydd ,Tuck I don't want to hurt you

Quarry : Glad to hear that Rex,your friends are very valuable to me,as are you

Rex: Like the new look,strapping

Quarry: Let's just say I had to find a new way to keep it together after my visit to Abysus , just one more thing you owe me for and you know how much I like a balanced book

Rex:(Some collared E.V.O. s attack Rex but he hits them out of the way with a funchuck)(Rex runs up to Quarry but Skwydd get's in front of him and spits out ink,Rex blows it away then Tuck knocks him into some crates and hes unconscious)(Cricket get's trapped by another E.V.O.)(Tuck comes up to Rex holding a control collar)

Quarry: You'll be the crown jewel of my E.V.O. army Rex,(Tuck put's the collar on Rex and it activates)I may just make you my own personal slave,that collar suts you Rex,I wish I had one for you back in the old days would of saved me a lot of trouble(Criket breaks free from the E.V.O)

Cricket: Rex(runs closer to him)

Quarry: Oh right Criket,Rex be a good little helper and hold her down would you(Rex traps Cricket with Blast Caster)

Rex: (Rex fights the control of the collar to get his hand on the collar and deactivate it)

Quarry:(Looking at what Rex is doing) Rex (figures out whats happening)REX,I command you to stop

Rex:(Gets the collar off)I Quit listening to you a long time ago(trows the collar at Quarry before it blows up)

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